CDHA Newsletter

Fall of 2017

New Pilot Projects on Health and Aging

Three faculty affiliates, Michal Engelman, Kristen Malecki, and Jenna Nobles, received funding through CDHA's core center grant (P30 AG017266) from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) to launch pilot projects on topics relating to aging, health, and the life course. Read more.

CDHA Training Grant Renewed

One of 11 demography of aging centers funded by a core grant from the NIA, CDHA is home to a pre- and postdoctoral training program focused on developing the next generation of leaders in aging research. UW–Madison has received continuous T32 funding for this program since 1986, and in June the NIA renewed CDHA's training grant. Read more.

Palloni to Fine-Tune Model for Mortality Patterns

Congratulations to Alberto Palloni, who received an R01 grant from the NIA. Palloni's research will help fine-tune an existing formal model to represent adult mortality patterns that are influenced by delayed effects predicted by theories of Developmental Origins of Adult Health and Disease. Read more.

Conference on Early Life Determinants of Health, Well-being

To promote collaboration between population health scientists and biologists, CDHA co-hosted the "Early Life Determinants of Later Life Health and Well-being: The Microbiome and Epigenetics as Biological Mechanisms" conference in May. The keynote speaker was Caleb Finch. Read more.

The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease

The new UW–Madison project, "The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease," led by Cameron Currie (bacteriology), will examine the microbiome as a source for both new drug leads and for identifying metabolites that serve as biomarkers for early life and aging-related diseases. Read more.

Russell Sage, Ford Fund Sociogenomics Study

The Russell Sage and Ford Foundations recently co-funded a research project focused on newly available genomic data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. Investigators Benjamin Domingue, Jeremy Freese, and CDHA Director Pamela Herd will explore the relationship between polygenic scores and processes of attainment across the life course. Read more.

Calling Applicants: 2018 National Institute on Aging Postdoc

CDHA seeks applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in the demography of aging and the life course funded by the NIA. Recent PhDs in sociology, economics, population health sciences, epidemiology, and public health are invited to apply for this fellowship. The application deadline is Thursday, February 15, 2018. Read more.