Special Events

Summer of 2018

WiscRDC Special Seminar: Recommendations of the Commission on Evidenced-Based Policy and the Future of the Federal Statistical System

Nancy Potok, Chief Statistician of the United States
Monday May 21, 11 AM - Noon
3470 Sewell Social Science Building, UW-Madison

As the Chief Statistician of the United States, Nancy Potok is responsible for providing coordination, guidance, and oversight for U.S. federal statistical agencies and activities. She was a member of the Commission on Evidenced-Based Policy.

2018 Summer DemSem: Computational Demography

Tuesday, May 29, to Thursday, May 31
Rooms 3470 and 8417 Sewell Social Science Building, UW-Madison

This summer workshop focuses on elements of computational demography. Particpants will work with modeling, data access, and data management tools to expand their research in the population sciences. It includes talks, seminars, and computing tutorials by Elizabeth Bruch, Katherine Curtis, Michal Engelman, Jason Fletcher, Liam Johnston, Malia Jones, Nathan Jones, Letizia Mencarini, Jenna Nobles, Alberto Palloni, Nathan Seltzer, Karl Rohe, and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field. Seminar schedule can be viewed at this link. Please RSVP here to attend this workshop.

Engaging Key Partners to Design and Conduct High Quality Clinical Research

Tuesday, June 5, Noon to 5 PM and Wednesday, June 6, 8 AM to 5 PM
Health Sciences Learning Center, UW-Madison

This Community-Academic Partnerships Short Course focuses on methods to gather information critical to the success of clinical research from potential participants, caregivers, clinicians, and other important stakeholders and is designed for investigators or research team members, including graduate students or research specialists. Details about this course is at this link. Registration deadline is June 1.

Molecular Me: Exploring the Social Implications of the Genomics Revolution

Jason Fletcher, Romnes Professor of Public Affairs and Sociology
Wednesday, June 6, 6 - 8 PM
One Alumni Place, UW-Madison

The Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) hosts this public talk. Professor Fletcher will present how sociology and genetics have come together to teach us more about ourselves, our history, and the future and how public policy intersects with genetic data and how to use this data responsibly. Learn more about this talk from this link. Registration is required.

Improving the Quality of Your Survey Research Data Collection: Tips from Seasoned Professionals

John Stevenson, Associate Director, UW Survey Center
Jennifer Dykema, Senior Survey Methodologist, UW Survey Center
Thursday, June 28, 8 AM - noon
Signe Scott Cooper Hall, 701 Highland Avenue, UW-Madison

This free workshop is organized by the Community-Academic Partnerships program of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) and the UW Survey Center. It covers resouces available from the UW Survey Center and how its experts can help with grant applications in the areas of survey research methods and insturment development to collect high quality data. Details about this workshop is available at this link. Registration is required.

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in the Social Sciences

Tuesday, July 24th, 12-1:30 PM
Room 8417 Sewell Social Science Building, UW-Madison

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs), despite their name, are useful not only to lab scientists, but also to researchers in any field who need to record notes, collect and analyze digital data, and share research findings with collaborators. Social scientists and humanities researchers interested in making the switch from paper notebooks or other online tools should come to this informational session on adopting and using LabArchives. Examples of notebook usage in the social sciences will be shown, and attendees will have ample time for questions. Register online for this special event.

Prior Special Events/Workshops