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Journal Articles Published Recently by CDHA Affiliates, Partial List:

Burden, B. C., J. M. Fletcher, P. Herd, B. M. Jones, and D. P. Moynihan. 2017. "How Different Forms of Health Matter to Political Participation." Journal of Politics 79(1):166-78.

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Carlson, M. J., A. G. VanOrman, and K. J. Turner. 2017. "Fathers' Investments of Money and Time Across Residential Contexts." Journal of Marriage and Family 79(1):10-23.

Chan, W., L. E. Smith, J. S. Greenberg, J. Hong, and M. R. Mailick. 2017. "Executive Functioning Mediates the Effect of Behavioral Problems on Depression in Mothers of Children With Developmental Disabilities." Ajidd-American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 122(1):11-24.

Childs, J. S., D. M. Higgins, K. DeShong, B. M. Heckman-Stoddard, M. E. Wojtowicz, S. E. Stanton, H. H. Bailey, K. B. Wisinski, and M. L. Disis. 2017. "A Phase I Trial of the Safety and Immunogenicity of a DNA Plasmid Based Vaccine (WOKVAC) Encoding Epitopes Derived From Three Breast Cancer Antigens (IGFBP2, HER2, and IGF1R) in Patients With Breast Cancer." Cancer Research 77.

Davidson, R. J. and C. J. Dahl. 2017. "Varieties of Contemplative Practice." Jama Psychiatry 74(2):121-23.

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Ford, J. H., K. A. Oliver, M. Giles, K. Cates-Wessel, D. Krahn, F. R. Levin, and M. O. C. A. Psychiat. 2017. "Maintenance of Certification: How Performance in Practice Changes Improve Tobacco Cessation in Addiction Psychiatrists' Practice." American Journal on Addictions 26(1):34-41.

Freese, J. and Y. H. Jao. 2017. "Shared Environment Estimates for Educational Attainment: A Puzzle and Possible Solutions." Journal of Personality 85(1):79-89.

Friedman, E. M., C. Ruini, R. Foy, L. Jaros, H. Sampson, and C. D. Ryff. 2017. "Lighten UP! A Community-Based Group Intervention to Promote Psychological Well-Being in Older Adults." Aging & Mental Health 21(2):199-205.

Halpern-Manners, A., J. R. Warren, and F. Torche. 2017. "Panel Conditioning in the General Social Survey." Sociological Methods & Research 46(1):103-24.

Hoy, A. R., M. Ly, C. M. Carlsson, O. C. Okonkwo, H. Zetterberg, K. Blennow, M. A. Sager, S. Asthana, S. C. Johnson, A. L. Alexander, and B. B. Bendlin. 2017. "Microstructural White Matter Alterations in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Detected Using Free Water Elimination Diffusion Tensor Imaging." Plos One 12(3).

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Lemke, S., M. T. Boden, L. K. Kearney, D. D. Krahn, M. J. Neuman, E. M. Schmidt, and J. A. Trafton. 2017. "Measurement-Based Management of Mental Health Quality and Access in VHA: SAIL Mental Health Domain." Psychological Services 14(1):1-12.

Maynard, D. W. 2017. "Delivering Bad News in Emergency Care Medicine." Acute Medicine & Surgery 4(1):3-11.

Mitchell, O.S. and Mukherjee, A. 2017. "Assessing the Demand for Micropensions among India�s Poor." The Journal of the Economics of Ageing 9:30-40.

Mirrielees, J. A., K. R. Breckheimer, T. A. White, D. A. Denure, M. M. Schroeder, M. E. Gaines, L. G. Wilke, and A. J. Tevaarwerk. 2017. "Breast Cancer Survivor Advocacy at a University Hospital: Development of a Peer Support Program With Evaluation by Patients, Advocates, and Clinicians." Journal of Cancer Education 32(1):97-104.

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Paltzer, J., R. L. Brown, M. Burns, D. P. Moberg, J. Mullahy, A. K. Sethi, and D. Weimer. 2017. "Substance Use Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Among Medicaid Patients in Wisconsin: Impacts on Healthcare Utilization and Costs." Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research 44(1):102-12.

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Singh, S., D. Cortez, D. Maynard, J. F. Cleary, L. DuBenske, and T. C. Campbell. 2017. "Characterizing the Nature of Scan Results Discussions: Insights Into Why Patients Misunderstand Their Prognosis." Journal of Oncology Practice 13(3):E231-E239.

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