We provide raw values for total number of deaths for all-causes (starting in 1900) and for causes of death (starting in 1945) for 19 countries. 

All-cause deaths:

Total number of deaths for all-causes have been adjusted as follows: (a) for relative completeness of death counts and (b) for adult age misstatement.  The adjustment procedures were chosen from a battery of 10-12 techniques that proved to be optimal (in the sense of mean squared error reduction) in extensive simulations that reproduced known or suspected sources of errors in the data. These adjustments are applied consistently across countries and years of observation. See data availability. The resulting data are optimized for intertemporal and intercountry comparability. Please read the overview and the methods section for more details about the adjustments and the data.

Cause-specific deaths:

Before using total numbers of deaths by cause, the values should be adjusted for relative completeness and for the size of the ill-defined group. Adjusted figures will be included in the web site at a future date, stay tuned.
See data availability.

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