September 20, 2021

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Articles – September 20, 2021

A. “General population perspectives of dementia risk reduction and the implications for intervention: A systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative evidence,” by Eleanor Curran, Terence W. H. Chong, Kali Godbee, Charles Abraham, Nicola T. Lautenschlager, and Victoria J. Palmer (PLoS ONE 16(9): e0257540., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 30p.).

B. “A low-threshold intervention to increase physical activity and reduce physical inactivity in a group of healthy elderly people in Germany: Results of the randomized controlled MOVING study,” by Fabian Kleinke, Sabina Ulbricht, Marcus Dörr, Peter Penndorf, Wolfgang Hoffmann, and Neeltje van den Berg (PLoS ONE 16(9): e0257326., HTML, XML, and .pdf format, 16p.).

C. “Analysis of social interactions and risk factors relevant to the spread of infectious diseases at hospitals and nursing homes,” by Frederik Boe Hüttel, Anne-Mette Iversen, Marco Bo Hansen, Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, Svend Ellermann-Eriksen, and Niels Lundtorp Olsen ( PLoS ONE 16(9): e0257684., HTML, XML, and .pdf format, 14p.).

May 26, 2021

CAAR – AARP Public Policy Institute Report – May 26, 2021

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International Review of Innovations to Protect Nursing Home Residents from Infectious Diseases such as COVID-19,” by Susan C. Reinhard and Jane A. Tilly (May 2021, .pdf format, 36p.).

September 26, 2019

CAAR – International Longevity Centre [UK] Report – September 26, 2019

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Contained or contagious? The future of infectious disease in ageing societies,” by Lily Parsey (September 2019, .pdf format, 22p.).

February 23, 2012

CAAR – Emerging Infectious Diseases Article – February 23, 2012

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“Foodborne and Waterborne Infections in Elderly Community and Long-Term Care Facility Residents, Victoria, Australia,” by Martyn D. Kirk, Joy Gregory, Karin Lalor, Gillian V. Hall, and Niels Becker (Vol. 18, No. 3, March 2012, HTML and .pdf format, p. 377-383).



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