February 8, 2019

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstract – February 8, 2019

Influence of young adult cognitive ability and additional education on later-life cognition,” by William S. Kremen, Asad Beck, Jeremy A. Elman, Daniel E. Gustavson, Chandra A. Reynolds, Xin M. Tu, Mark E. Sanderson-Cimino, Matthew S. Panizzon, Eero Vuoksimaa, Rosemary Toomey, Christine Fennema-Notestine, Donald J. Hagler Jr., Bin Fang, Anders M. Dale, Michael J. Lyons, and Carol E. Franz (Vol. 116, No. 6, February 5, 2019, p. 2021-2026).

February 28, 2018

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Article – February 28, 2018

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Arithmetic learning in advanced age,” by Laura Zamarian, Christoph Scherfler, Christian Kremser, Marie-Theres Pertl, Elke Gizewski, Thomas Benke, and Margarete Delazer (PLoS ONE 13(2): e0193529., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 20p.).

February 6, 2018

CAAR – University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Pension Research Council Working Paper – February 6, 2018

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Note: Free registration is required to access any content. “Cognitive Ability, Financial Literacy, and the Demand for Financial Advice at Older Ages: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study,” by Hugh H. Kim, Raimond Maurer, and Olivia S. Mitchell (WP-2018-1, January 2018, .pdf format, 26p.).

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