February 17, 2014

CAAR – Health and Retirement Study Bibliography Update – February 17, 2014

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HRS has recently added the following items to its bibliography. The full bibliography is available at:


Anderson, Michael Throan, Three essays in public economics, Madison, WI The University of Wisconsin – Madison [2013]

Browning, Christopher M, Managing retirement resources: evidence from the HRS, Lubbock, TX Texas Tech University [2013]

Burgdorf, James R., Jr., Labor outcomes of health shocks and dependent coverage expansions, Santa Monica, CA The Pardee RAND Graduate School [2013]

Carlson, Holly I., Investigating the relationship between recent dental visits, memory, and dementia risk factors, Santa Barbara, CA Fielding Graduate University [2013]

Journal Article:

Al-rousan, Tala M.; Rubenstein, Linda M.; Wallace, Robert B., “Preparedness for Natural Disasters Among Older US Adults: A Nationwide Survey,” American Journal of Public Health 104:3 p506-511 [2014]

Alwin, D. F.; Zeiser, K.; Gensimore, D., “Reliability of Self-reports of Financial Data in Surveys: Results From the Health and Retirement Study,” Sociological Methods and Research 43:1 p98-136 [2014]

Beverly, P. Lyons; Helisse, Levine, “Physical symptoms, chronic and life-threatening illness trajectories among minority and aging populations,” Journal of Health and Human Services Administration 36:3 p323 [2013]

Biehl, Amelia M.; Gurley-Calvez, Tami; Hill, Brian, “Self-employment of older Americans: do recessions matter?,” Small Business Economics 42:2 p297-309 [2014]

Cagnone, Silvia; Viroli, Cinzia, “A factor mixture model for analyzing heterogeneity and cognitive structure of dementia,” AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis 98:1 p1-20 [2014]

Chen, Tuo-Yu; Janke, Megan C., “Predictors of falls among community-dwelling older adults with cancer: results from the health and retirement study,” Supportive Care in Cancer 22:2 p479-485 [2014]

Duca, J. V.; Kumar, A., “Financial literacy and mortgage equity withdrawals,” Journal of Urban Economics 80: p62-75 [2014]

Elman, Cheryl; Wray, Linda A.; Xi, Juan, “Fundamental resource dis/advantages, youth health and adult educational outcomes,” Social Science Research 43: p108-126 [2014]

Latham, Kenzie; Holcomb, Jeanne, “Racial Variations of Parity Status as a Predictor of Disability Onset Among Old-Old Women,” Journal of Family Issues 35:3 p291-311 [2014]


Bewerunge, Philipp; Rosen, Harvey S., Wages, Pensions, and Public-Private Sector Compensation Differentials for Older Workers, Cambridge, MA, National Institute of Economic Research [2013]

Bozio, Antoine; Emmerson, Carl; O`Dea, Cormac; Tetlow, Gemma, Savings and Wealth of the Lifetime Rich: Evidence from the UK and US, London, Institute for Fiscal Studies [2013]

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