January 14, 2014

CAAR – British Medical Journal Articles – January 14, 2014

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A. “Hospital readmission performance and patterns of readmission: retrospective cohort study of Medicare admissions,” by Kumar Dharmarajan, Angela F. Hsieh, Zhenqiu Lin, Hector Bueno, Joseph S. Ross, Leora I. Horwitz, Jose Augusto Barreto-Filho, Nancy Kim, Lisa G. Suter, Susannah M. Bernheim, Elizabeth E. Drye, and Harlan M. Krumholz (Vol. 348, No. 7940, January 11, 2014, BMJ 2013;347:f6571, .pdf and HTML format).

B. “Effect of socioeconomic disparities on incidence of dementia among biracial older adults: prospective study,” by Kristine Yaffe, Cherie Falvey, Tamara B. Harris, Anne Newman, Suzanne Satterfield, Annemarie Koster, Hilsa Ayonayon, and Eleanor Simonsick (Vol. 348, No. 7940, January 11, 2014, BMJ 2013;347:f7051, .pdf and HTML format).

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