September 30, 2013

CAAR – Health and Retirement Study Bibliography Update – September 30, 2013

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HRS has recently added the following items to its bibliography. The full bibliography is available at:

Journal Article:

Chiu, Ching-ju; Wray, Linda A.; Lu, Feng-hwa; Beverly, Elizabeth A., “BMI Change Patterns and Disability Development of Middle-aged Adults with Diabetes: A Dual Trajectory Modeling Approach,” Journal of General Internal Medicine 28:9 p1150-1156 [2013]

Li, Kin-Kit; Cardinal, Bradley J.; Acock, Alan C., “Concordance of Physical Activity Trajectories Among Middle-Aged and Older Married Couples: Impact of Diseases and Functional Difficulties,” The Journals of Gerontology 68:5 p794 [2013]

Margolis, Rachel PhD, “Health Shocks in the Family: Gender Differences in Smoking Changes,” Journal of Aging and Health 25:5 p882 [2013]

Palgi, Yuval, “Ongoing Cumulative Chronic Stressors as Predictors of Well-Being in the Second Half of Life,” Journal of Happiness Studies 14:4 p1127-1144 [2013]

Porter, Kristen E. M. S. MAc, “Chemo Brain – Is Cancer Survivorship Related to Later-Life Cognition? Findings From the Health and Retirement Study,” Journal of Aging and Health 25:6 p960 [2013]

Sloan, Frank A. PhD; George, Linda K. PhD; Hu, Linyan B. S., “Longer Term Effects of Total Knee Arthroplasty From a National Longitudinal Study,” Journal of Aging and Health 25:6 p982 [2013]

Smith, Alexander K. M. D.; Walter, Louise C. M. D.; Miao, Yinghui M. P. H.; Boscardin, W. John PhD; Covinsky, Kenneth E. M. D., “Disability During the Last Two Years of Life,” Archives of Internal Medicine 173:16 p1506 [2013]

Sutin, Angelina R.; Terracciano, Antonio, “Perceived Weight Discrimination and Obesity,” PLoS One 8:7 [2013]

Torres, Jacqueline M.; Wong, Rebeca, “Childhood Poverty and Depressive Symptoms for Older Adults in Mexico: A Life-Course Analysis,” Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology 28:3 p317-37 [2013]

Wahrendorf, Morten; Reinhardt, Jan D.; Siegrist, Johannes, “Relationships of Disability with Age Among Adults Aged 50 to 85: Evidence from the United States, England and Continental Europe. e71893,” PLoS One 8:8 [2013]

Wickrama, Kandauda; O`Neal, Catherine W.; Kwag, Kyung H.; Lee, Tae K., “Is Working Later in Life Good or Bad for Health? An Investigation of Multiple Health Outcomes,” J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci 68:5 p807-815 [2013]


Alan L. Gustman; Thomas L. Steinmeier; Nahid Tabatabai, The Social Security Windfall Elimination and Government Pension Offset Provisions for Public Employees in the Health and Retirement Study, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan [2013]

Gwenith G. Fisher; John J. McArdle; Ryan J. McCammon; Amanda Sonnega; David R. Weir, New Measures of Fluid Intelligence in the HRS, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan [2013]

Meijer, Erik; Karoly, Lynn, Representativeness of the Low-Income Population in the Health and Retirement Study, Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan [2013]

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