June 3, 2013

CAAR – Health and Retirement Study Bibliography Update – June 3, 2013

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HRS has recently added the following items to its bibliography. The full bibliography is available at:

Journal Article:

Addo, Fenaba R.; Lichter, Daniel T., “Marriage, Marital History, and Black – White Wealth Differentials Among Older Women,” Journal of Marriage and Family 75:2 p342-362 [2013]

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Freedman, Vicki A.; Spillman, Brenda C.; Andreski, Patti M.; Cornman, Jennifer C.; Crimmins, Eileen M.; Kramarow, Ellen; Lubitz, James; Martin, Linda G.; Merkin, Sharon S.; Schoeni, Robert F.; Seeman, Teresa E.; Waidmann, Timothy A., “Trends in Late-Life Activity Limitations in the United States: An Update From Five National Surveys,” Demography 50:2 p661-71 [2013]

Grubert, Elizabeth; Baker, Tamara A. PhD; McGeever, Kelly; Shaw, Benjamin A. PhD M. P. H., “The Role of Pain in Understanding Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Frequency of Physical Activity Among Older Adults,” Journal of Aging and Health 25:3 p405 [2013]

Heisler, Michele; Choi, Hwajung; Piette, John D.; Rosland, Annmarie; Langa, Kenneth M.; Brown, Stephanie, “Adults with cardiovascular disease who help others: a prospective study of health outcomes,” Journal of Behavioral Medicine 36:2 p199-211 [2013]

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Kim, Eric S.; Sun, Jennifer K.; Park, Nansook; Kubzansky, Laura D.; Peterson, Christopher, “Purpose in life and reduced risk of myocardial infarction among older U.S. adults with coronary heart disease: a two-year follow-up,” Journal of Behavioral Medicine 36:2 p124-33 [2013]

McGarry, Kathleen, “The Estate Tax and Inter Vivos Transfers over Time,” The American Economic Review 103:3 p478-483 [2013]

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Ward, Michael M., “Sense of Control and Self-Reported Health in a Population-Based Sample of Older Americans: Assessment of Potential Confounding by Affect, Personality, and Social Support,” International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 20:1 p140-7 [2013]

Wickrama, Kandauda; Mancini, Jay A.; Kwag, Kyunghwa; Kwon, Josephine, “Heterogeneity in Multidimensional Health Trajectories of Late Old Years and Socioeconomic Stratification: A Latent Trajectory Class Analysis,” Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences 68B:2 p290-297 [2013]

Wiepking, Pamala; James, Russell N., “Why are the oldest old less generous? Explanations for the unexpected age-related drop in charitable giving,” Ageing and Society 33:3 p486-510 [2013]

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