September 15, 2022

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – September 15, 2022

A. “Aging, generational shifts, and energy consumption in urban China,” by Xiao Han, Chu Wei, and Gui-Ying Cao (Vol. 119, No. 37, September 13, 2022, e2210853119).

B. “Truncated Tau caused by intron retention is enriched in Alzheimer’s disease cortex and exhibits altered biochemical properties,” by Zhen-Kai Ngian, Yow-Yong Tan, Ching-Thong Choo, Wei-Qi Lin, Chao-Yong Leow, Shan-Jie Mah, Mitchell Kim-Peng Lai, Christopher Li-Hsian Chen, and Chin-Tong Ong (Vol. 119, No. 37, September 13, 2022, e2204179119).

C. “A TNF receptor 2 agonist ameliorates neuropathology and improves cognition in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model,” by Natalia Ortí-Casañ, Inge S. Zuhorn, Petrus J. W. Naudé, Peter P. De Deyn, Pauline E. M. van Schaik, Harald Wajant, and Ulrich L. M. Eisel (Vol. 119, No. 37, September 13, 2022, e2201137119).

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