March 18, 2022

CAAR – Lancet Neurology Article – March 18, 2022

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Note: Check with your organization’s library for availability. “Soluble TREM2 in CSF and its association with other biomarkers and cognition in autosomal-dominant Alzheimer’s disease: a longitudinal observational study,” by Estrella Morenas-Rodríguez, Yan Li, Brigitte Nuscher, Nicolai Franzmeier, Chengjie Xiong, Marc Suárez-Calvet, Anne M. Fagan, Stephanie Schultz, Brian A. Gordon, Tammie L. S. Benzinger, Jason Hassenstab, Eric McDade, Regina Feederle, Celeste M. Karch, Kai Schlepckow, John C. Morris, Gernot Kleinberger, Bengt Nellgard, Jonathan Vöglein, Kaj Blennow, Henrik Zetterberg, Michael Ewers, Mathias Jucker, Johannes Levin, Randall J. Bateman, and Christian Haasson behalf of the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (Vol. 21, No. 4, April 2022, p. 329-341).

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