August 18, 2021

CAAR – Nature Medicine Article – August 18, 2021

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Note: Check with your organization’s library for availability. “Safety and efficacy of anti-tau monoclonal antibody gosuranemab in progressive supranuclear palsy: a phase 2, randomized, placebo-controlled trial,” by Tien Dam, Adam L. Boxer, Lawrence I. Golbe, Günter U. Höglinger, Huw R. Morris, Irene Litvan, Anthony E. Lang, Jean-Christophe Corvol, Ikuko Aiba, Michael Grundman, Lili Yang, Beth Tidemann-Miller, Joseph Kupferman, Kristine Harper, Kubra Kamisoglu, Michael J. Wald, Danielle L. Graham, Liz Gedney, John O’Gorman, Samantha Budd Haeberlein & PASSPORT Study Group (Vol. 27, No. 8, August 2021, p. 1451-1457).

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