September 11, 2020

CAAR – Nature Article – September 11, 2020

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Note: Check with your organization’s library for availability. “Age-induced accumulation of methylmalonic acid promotes tumour progression,” by Ana P. Gomes, Didem Ilter, Vivien Low, Jennifer E. Endress, Juan Fernández-García, Adam Rosenzweig, Tanya Schild, Dorien Broekaert, Adnan Ahmed, Melanie Planque, Ilaria Elia, Julie Han, Charles Kinzig, Edouard Mullarky, Anders P. Mutvei, John Asara, Rafael de Cabo, Lewis C. Cantley, Noah Dephoure, Sarah-Maria Fendt & John Blenis (Vol. 585, No. 7824, September 10, 2020, p. 283-287).

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