January 9, 2020

CAAR – National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers – January 9, 2020

Links to an abstract are available. For full text availability check your organization’s library.

A. “Age Discrimination in Hiring: Evidence from Age-Blind vs. Non-Age-Blind Hiring Procedures,” by David Neumark (w26623, January 2020, .pdf format, 26p.).

B. “The Impact of Bequest Motives on Retirement Behavior in Japan: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis,” by Charles Yuji Horioka, Emin Gahramanov, Aziz Hayat, and Xueli Tang (w26621, January 2020, .pdf format, 40p.).

C. “Contract Work at Older Ages,” by Katharine G. Abraham, Brad Hershbein, and Susan Houseman (w26612, January 2020, .pdf format, 34p.).

D. “Does the Marginal Hospitalization Save Lives? The Case of Respiratory Admissions for the Elderly,” by Janet Currie and David Slusky (w26618, January 2020, .pdf format, 55p.).

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