April 30, 2019

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – April 30, 2019

A. “{alpha}-Sheet secondary structure in amyloid {beta}-peptide drives aggregation and toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease,” by Dylan Shea, Cheng-Chieh Hsu, Timothy M. Bi, Natasha Paranjapye, Matthew Carter Childers, Joshua Cochran, Colson P. Tomberlin, Libo Wang, Daniel Paris, Jeffrey Zonderman, Gabriele Varani, Christopher D. Link, Mike Mullan, and Valerie Daggett (Vol. 116, No. 18, April 30, 2019, p. 8895-8900).

B. “Delta-secretase-cleaved Tau antagonizes TrkB neurotrophic signalings, mediating Alzheimer’s disease pathologies,” by Jie Xiang, Zhi-Hao Wang, Eun Hee Ahn, Xia Liu, Shan-Ping Yu, Fredric P. Manfredsson, Ivette M. Sandoval, Gong Ju, Shengxi Wu, and Keqiang Ye (Vol. 116, No. 18, April 30, 2019, p. 9094-9102).

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