December 28, 2018

CAAR – New England Journal of Medicine Article Abstract – December 28, 2018

Ibrutinib Regimens versus Chemoimmunotherapy in Older Patients with Untreated CLL,” by Jennifer A. Woyach, Amy S. Ruppert, Nyla A. Heerema, Weiqiang Zhao, Allison M. Booth, Wei Ding, Nancy L. Bartlett, Danielle M. Brander, Paul M. Barr, Kerry A. Rogers, Sameer A. Parikh, Steven Coutre, Arti Hurria, Jennifer R. Brown, Gerard Lozanski, James S. Blachly, Hatice G. Ozer, Brittny Major-Elechi, Briant Fruth, Sreenivasa Nattam, Richard A. Larson, Harry Erba, Mark Litzow, Carolyn Owen,Charles Kuzma, Jeremy S. Abramson, Richard F. Little, Scott E. Smith, Richard M. Stone, Sumithra J. Mandrekar, and John C. Byrd (Vol. 379, No. 26, December 27, 2018, p. 2517-2528).

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