October 10, 2018

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Article Abstracts – October 10, 2018

A. “Blood-derived plasminogen drives brain inflammation and plaque deposition in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease,” by Sarah K. Baker, Zu-Lin Chen, Erin H. Norris, Alexey S. Revenko, A. Robert MacLeod, and Sidney Strickland (Vol. 115, No. 41, October 9, 2018, p. E9687-E9696).

B. “Small molecule inhibits a-synuclein aggregation, disrupts amyloid fibrils, and prevents degeneration of dopaminergic neurons,” by Jordi Pujols, Samuel Peña-Díaz, Diana F. Lázaro, Francesca Peccati, Francisca Pinheiro, Danilo González, Anita Carija, Susanna Navarro, María Conde-Giménez, Jesús García, Salvador Guardiola, Ernest Giralt, Xavier Salvatella, Javier Sancho, Mariona Sodupe, Tiago Fleming Outeiro, Esther Dalfó, and Salvador Ventura (Vol. 115, No. 41, October 9, 2018, p. 10481-10486).

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