September 5, 2018

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – September 5, 2018

A. “Inflammasome-derived cytokine IL18 suppresses amyloid-induced seizures in Alzheimer-prone mice,” by Te-Chen Tzeng, Yuto Hasegawa, Risa Iguchi, Amy Cheung, Daniel R. Caffrey, Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher, Wenjie Mao, Gail Germain, Nelsy DePaula Tamburro, Shigeo Okabe, Michael T. Heneka, Eicke Latz, Kensuke Futai, and Douglas T. Golenbock (Vol. 115, No. 36, September 4, 2018, p. 9002-9007).

B. “Local field potentials of subthalamic nucleus contain electrophysiological footprints of motor subtypes of Parkinson’s disease,” by Ilknur Telkes, Ashwin Viswanathan, Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Aviva Abosch, Musa Ozturk, Akshay Gupte, Joseph Jankovic, and Nuri F. Ince (Vol. 115, No. 36, September 4, 2018, p. E8567-E8576).

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