August 15, 2018

CAAR – Lancet Neurology Article Abstracts – August 15, 2018

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A. “Evaluation of TDP-43 proteinopathy and hippocampal sclerosis in relation to APOE e4 haplotype status: a community-based cohort study,” by Hyun-Sik Yang, Lei Yu, Charles C. White, Lori B. Chibnik, Jasmeer P. Chhatwal, Reisa A. Sperling, David A. Bennett, Julie A. Schneider, and Philip L. De Jager (Vol. 17, No. 9, September 2018, p. 773-781).

B. “Apomorphine subcutaneous infusion in patients with Parkinson’s disease with persistent motor fluctuations (TOLEDO): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial,” by Regina Katzenschlager, Werner Poewe, Olivier Rascol, Claudia Trenkwalder, Gunther Deuschl, K. Ray Chaudhuri, Tove Henriksen, Teus van Laar, Kevin Spivey, Senthil Vel, Harry Staines, and Andrew Lees (Vol. 17, No. 9, September 2017, p. 749-759).

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