March 6, 2018

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – March 6, 2018

A. “Epigenetic alterations in longevity regulators, reduced life span, and exacerbated aging-related pathology in old father offspring mice,” by Kan Xie, Devon P. Ryan, Brandon L. Pearson, Kristin S. Henzel, Frauke Neff, Ramon O. Vidal, Magali Hennion, Isabelle Lehmann, Melvin Schleif, Susanne Schröder, Thure Adler, Birgit Rathkolb, Jan Rozman, Anna-Lena Schütz, Cornelia Prehn, Michel E. Mickael, Marco Weiergräber, Jerzy Adamski, Dirk H. Busch, Gerhard Ehninger, Anna Matynia, Walker S. Jackson, Eckhard Wolf, Helmut Fuchs, Valerie Gailus-Durner, Stefan Bonn, Martin Hrabe de Angelis and Dan Ehninger (Vol. 115, No. 10, March 6, 2018, p. E2348-E2357).

B. “Environmental enrichment and exercise are better than social enrichment to reduce memory deficits in amyloid beta neurotoxicity,” by Mariza G. Prado Lima, Helen L. Schimidt, Alexandre Garcia, Letícia R. Daré, Felipe P. Carpes, Ivan Izquierdo and Pâmela B. Mello-Carpes (Vol. 115, No. 10, March 6, 2018, p. E2403-E2408).

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