December 22, 2017

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academies of Science Article Abstracts – December 22, 2017

A. “Evidence for sortilin modulating regional accumulation of human tau prions in transgenic mice,” by Noah R. Johnson, Carlo Condello, Shenheng Guan, Abby Oehler, Julia Becker, Marta Gavidia, George A. Carlson, Kurt Giles, and Stanley B. Prusiner (Vol. 114, No. 51, December 19, 2017, p. E11029-E11036).

B. “Disease onset in X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism correlates with expansion of a hexameric repeat within an SVA retrotransposon in TAF1,” by D. Cristopher Bragg, Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban, Christine A. Vaine, Nichita J. Kulkarni, David Shin, Rachita Yadav, Jyotsna Dhakal, Mai-Linh Ton, Anne Cheng, Christopher T. Russo, Mark Ang, Patrick Acuña, Criscely Go, Taylor N. Franceour, Trisha Multhaupt-Buell, Naoto Ito, Ulrich Müller, William T. Hendriks, Xandra O. Breakefield, Nutan Sharma, and Laurie J. Ozelius (Vol. 114, No. 51, December 19, 2017, p. E11020-E11028). Note: _PNAS_ is providing open access to the full-text of this article.

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