November 29, 2016

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – November 29, 2016

A. “The emergence of longevous populations,” by Fernando Colchero, Roland Rau, Owen R. Jones, Julia A. Barthold, Dalia A. Conde, Adam Lenart, Laszlo Nemeth, Alexander Scheuerlein, Jonas Schoeley, Catalina Torres, Virginia Zarulli, Jeanne Altmann, Diane K. Brockman, Anne M. Bronikowski, Linda M. Fedigan, Anne E. Pusey, Tara S. Stoinski, Karen B. Strier, Annette Baudisch, Susan C. Alberts, and James W. Vaupel (Vol. 113, No. 48, November 30, 2016, p. E7681–E7690).

B. “VEGF preconditioning leads to stem cell remodeling and attenuates age-related decay of adult hippocampal neurogenesis,” by Tamar Licht, Gadiel Rothe, Tirzah Kreisel, Brachi Wolf, Ofra Benny, Alasdair G. Rooney, Charles ffrench-Constant, Grigori Enikolopov, and Eli Keshet (Vol. 113, No. 48, November 30, 2016, p. E7828–E7836).

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