August 9, 2016

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – August 9, 2016

A. “Hhip haploinsufficiency sensitizes mice to age-related emphysema,” by Taotao Lao, Zhiqiang Jiang, Jeong Yun, Weiliang Qiu, Feng Guo, Chunfang Huang, John Dominic Mancini, Kushagra Gupta, Maria E. Laucho-Contreras, Zun Zar Chi Naing, Li Zhang, Mark A. Perrella, Caroline A. Owen, Edwin K. Silverman, and Xiaobo Zhou (Vol. 113, No. 32, August 9, 2016, p. E4681-E4687).

B. “Deubiquitinase Usp8 regulates {alpha}-synuclein clearance and modifies its toxicity in Lewy body disease,” by Zoi Alexopoulou, Johannes Lang, Rebecca M. Perrett, Myriam Elschami, Madeleine E. D. Hurry, Hyoung Tae Kim, Dimitra Mazaraki, Aron Szabo, Benedikt M. Kessler, Alfred Lewis Goldberg, Olaf Ansorge, Tudor A. Fulga, and George K. Tofaris (Vol. 113, No. 32, August 9, 2016, p. E4688-E4697).

C. “The neural chaperone proSAAS blocks {alpha}-synuclein fibrillation and neurotoxicity,” by Timothy S. Jarvela, Hoa A. Lam, Michael Helwig, Nikolai Lorenzen, Daniel E. Otzen, Pamela J. McLean, Nigel T. Maidment, and Iris Lindberg (Vol. 113, No. 32, August 9, 2016, p. E4708-E4715).

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