August 19, 2015

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Articles – August 19, 2015

A. “Sodium Intake and Socioeconomic Status as Risk Factors for Development of Age-Related Cataracts: The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey,” by Jeong Hun Bae, Doo Sup Shin, Sung Chul Lee, and In Cheol Hwang (PLoS ONE 10(8): e0136218. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0136218, XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 11p.).

B. “Medication Underuse in Aging Outpatients with Cardiovascular Disease: Prevalence, Determinants, and Outcomes in a Prospective Cohort Study,” by Andreas D. Meid, Renate Quinzler, Julia Freigofas, Kai-Uwe Saum, Ben Schöttker, Bernd Holleczek, Dirk Heider, Hans-Helmut König, Hermann Brenner, and Walter E. Haefeli (PLoS ONE 10(8): e0136339. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0136339, XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 12p.).

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