February 24, 2015

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – February 24, 2015

A. “Lack of exercise leads to significant and reversible loss of scale invariance in both aged and young mice,” by Changgui Gua, Claudia P. Coomans, Kun Hub, Frank A. J. L. Scheer, H. Eugene Stanley, and Johanna H. Meijer (Vol. 112, No. 8, February 24, 2015, p. 2320-2324).

B. “C-terminal sequence of amyloid-resistant type F apolipoprotein A-II inhibits amyloid fibril formation of apolipoprotein A-II in mice,” by Jinko Sawashita, Beiru Zhang, Kazuhiro Hasegawa, Masayuki Mori, Hironobu Naiki, Fuyuki Kametani, and Keiichi Higuchi (Vol. 112, No. 8, February 24, 2015, p. E836–E845).

C. “Contribution of reactive oxygen species to cerebral amyloid angiopathy, vasomotor dysfunction, and microhemorrhage in aged Tg2576 mice,” by Byung Hee Han, Meng-liang Zhou, Andrew W. Johnson, Itender Singh, Fan Liao, Ananth K. Vellimana, James W. Nelson, Eric Milner, John R. Cirrito, Jacob Basak, Min Yoo, Hans H. Dietrich, David M. Holtzman, and Gregory Joseph Zipfel (Vol. 112, No. 8, February 24, 2015, p. E881–E890). Note: PNAS is providing open access to the full-text of this article.

D. “Metabolic resting-state brain networks in health and disease,” by Phoebe G. Spetsieris, Ji Hyun Ko, Chris C. Tang, Amir Nazem, Wataru Sako, Shichun Peng, Yilong Ma, Vijay Dhawan, and David Eidelberg (Vol. 112, No. 8, February 24, 2015, p. 2563–2568).

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