February 3, 2015

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstracts – February 3, 2015

A. “Identification of hydroxyapatite spherules provides new insight into subretinal pigment epithelial deposit formation in the aging eye,” by Richard B. Thompson, Valentina Reffatto, Jacob G. Bundy, Elod Kortvely, Jane M. Flinn, Antonio Lanzirotti, Emrys A. Jones, David S. McPhail, Sarah Fearn, Karsten Boldt, Marius Ueffing, Savanjeet Guy Singh Ratu, Laurenz Pauleikhoff, Alan C. Bird, and Imre Lengyel (Vol. 112, No. 5, February 3, 2015, .pdf and HTML format, p. 1565-1570).

B. “Endostatin: A novel inhibitor of androgen receptor function in prostate cancer,” by Joo Hyoung Lee, Tatyana Isayeva, Matthew R. Larson, Anandi Sawant, Ha-Ram Cha, Diptiman Chanda, Igor N. Chesnokov, and Selvarangan Ponnazhagan (Vol. 112, No. 5, February 3, 2015, .pdf and HTML format, p. 1392–1397).

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