August 4, 2022

CAAR – Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Issue Briefs – August 4, 2022

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A. “How Much Does Health Spending Eat Away at Retirement Income?” by Melissa McInerney, Matthew S. Rutledge and Sara Ellen King (IB No. 22-12, August 2022, .pdf and Excel format, 7p.).

B. “How to Think About Recent Trends in the Average Retirement Age?” by Alicia H. Munnell (IB No. 22-11, July 2022, .pdf and Excel format, 9p.).

CAAR – Nature Neuroscience Article – August 4, 2022

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Note: Check with your organization’s library for availability.

A. “Peripheral apoE4 enhances Alzheimer’s pathology and impairs cognition by compromising cerebrovascular function,” by Chia-Chen Liu, Jing Zhao, Yuan Fu, Yasuteru Inoue, Yingxue Ren, Yuanxin Chen, Sydney V. Doss, Francis Shue, Suren Jeevaratnam, Ligia Bastea, Na Wang, Yuka A. Martens, Wenhui Qiao, Minghui Wang, Na Zhao, Lin Jia, Yu Yamazaki, Akari Yamazaki, Cassandra L. Rosenberg, Zhen Wang, Dehui Kong, Zonghua Li, Lindsey A. Kuchenbecker, Zachary A. Trottier, Lindsey Felton, Justin Rogers, Zachary S. Quicksall, Cynthia Linares, Joshua Knight, Yixing Chen, Aishe Kurti, Takahisa Kanekiyo, John D. Fryer, Yan W. Asmann, Peter Storz, Xusheng Wang, Junmin Peng, Bin Zhang, Betty Y. S. Kim & Guojun Bu (Vol. 25, No. 8, August 2022, p. 1020-1033).

B. “Neurovascular dysfunction in GRN-associated frontotemporal dementia identified by single-nucleus RNA sequencing of human cerebral cortex,” by Emma Gerrits, Lucia A. A. Giannini, Nieske Brouwer, Shamiram Melhem, Danielle Seilhean, Isabelle Le Ber, The Brainbank Neuro-CEB Neuropathology Network, Alwin Kamermans, Gijs Kooij, Helga E. de Vries, Erik W. G. M. Boddeke, Harro Seelaar, John C. van Swieten & Bart J. L. Eggen (Vol. 25, No. 8, August 2022, p. 1034-1048).


CAAR – University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Pension Research Council Working Paper – August 4, 2022

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Economic Conditions, the COVID-19 Pandemic Recession, and Implications for Disability Insurance in the United States,” by Nicole Maestas and Kathleen J. Mullen (WP2022-14, July 2022, .pdf format, 18p.). Note: A link to the abstract and the full-text of this paper is available at:

CAAR – Tables of Contents – August 4, 2022

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Age and Ageing (Vol. 51, No. 7, July 2022).

American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (Vol. 30, No. 9, September 2022).

Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue canadienne du vieillissement (Vol. 41, No. 3, September 2022).

Health Affairs (Vol. 41, No. 8, August 2022).

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