September 23, 2021

CAAR – US Senate Special Committee on Aging Hearing Testimony – September 23, 2021

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Frauds, Scams and COVID-19: How Con Artists Have Targeted Older Americans During the Pandemic,” a hearing held September 23, 2021 (witness statements available in .pdf format, video of the hearing available at the committee site, running time 2 hours 2 minutes). Note: The hearing begins at the 11:45 mark.

CAAR – Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Reports – September 23, 2021

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A. “FY 2020 Projections Report,” (September 2021, .pdf format, 56p.).

B. “2020 The Multiemployer Program Quinquennial Report,” (September 2021, .pdf format, 15p.).

CAAR – Brookings Institution Report – September 23, 2021

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Small retirement accounts: Issues and options,” by David C. John, J. Mark Iwry, Christopher Pulliam, and William G. Gale (September 2021, .pdf and HTML format, 23p.).

CAAR – Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Working Paper – September 23, 2021

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Can The Drawdown Patterns Of Earlier Cohorts Help Predict Boomers’ Behavior?” by Robert L. Siliciano and Gal Wettstein (Working Paper No. 2021-11, September 2021, .pdf and Excel format, 29p.). Note: A link to the abstract and the full-text of this paper is available at:


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