August 4, 2021

CAAR – US Social Security Administration, Research, Statistics, and Policy Analysis Periodicals, Briefing Paper – August 4, 2021

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A. Social Security Bulletin (Vol. 81, No. 3, August 2021, .pdf and HTML format).

B. International Update, July 2021 (July 2021, .pdf and HTML format, 3p.).

C. SSI Monthly Statistics, June 2021 (July 2021, .pdf and Excel format, 20p.).

D. “Trends in Noncovered Employment and Earnings Among Employees of State and Local Governments, 1994 to 2018,” (Briefing Paper No. 2021-01, August 2021, .pdf and HTML format, 9p.).

CAAR – Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany] Working Paper – August 4, 2021

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Do Firms Hire More Older Workers? Evidence from Germany,” by Fabian Busch, Robert Fenge, and Carsten Ochsen (CESifo Working Paper 9219, August 2021, .pdf format, 33p.). Note: A link to the abstract and the full-text of this paper is available at:

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Article – August 4, 2021

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Polypharmacy prevalence in older adults seen in United States physician offices from 2009 to 2016,” by Eric H. Young, Samantha Pan, Alex G. Yap, Kelly R. Reveles, and Kajal Bhakta (PLoS ONE 16(8): e0255642., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 10p.).

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