January 14, 2020

CAAR – National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers – January 14, 2020

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Links to an abstract are available. For full text availability check your organization’s library.

A. “Socioeconomic Decline and Death: Midlife Impacts of Graduating in a Recession,” by Hannes Schwandt and Till M. von Wachter (w26638, January 2020, .pdf format, 67p.).

B. “How Are Employers Responding to an Aging Workforce?” by Robert L. Clark and Beth M. Ritter (w26633, January 2020, .pdf format, 28p.).

C. “Dynastic Precautionary Savings,” by Corina Boar (w26635, January 2020, .pdf format, 78p.).

CAAR – Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) [University of Bonn, Germany] Working Paper – January 14, 2020

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Health Inequality among Chinese Older Adults: The Role of Childhood Circumstances,” by Binjian Yan, Xi Chen, and Thomas M. Gill (IZA Discussion Paper No. 12873, December 2019, .pdf format, 37p.). Note: Links to the abstract and the full text of this paper available at:

CAAR – Nature Medicine Letter, Article – January 14, 2020

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Note: Check with your organization’s library for availability.

A. “Personal aging markers and ageotypes revealed by deep longitudinal profiling,” by Sara Ahadi, Wenyu Zhou, Sophia Miryam Schüssler-Fiorenza Rose, M. Reza Sailani, Kévin Contrepois, Monika Avina, Melanie Ashland, Anne Brunet & Michael Snyder (Vol. 26, No. 1, January 2020, p. 83-90).

B. “Human and mouse single-nucleus transcriptomics reveal TREM2-dependent and TREM2-independent cellular responses in Alzheimer’s disease,” by Yingyue Zhou, Wilbur M. Song, Prabhakar S. Andhey, Amanda Swain, Tyler Levy, Kelly R. Miller, Pietro L. Poliani, Manuela Cominelli, Shikha Grover, Susan Gilfillan, Marina Cella, Tyler K. Ulland, Konstantin Zaitsev, Akinori Miyashita, Takeshi Ikeuchi, Makoto Sainouchi, Akiyoshi Kakita, David A. Bennett, Julie A. Schneider, Michael R. Nichols, Sean A. Beausoleil, Jason D. Ulrich, David M. Holtzman, Maxim N. Artyomov & Marco Colonna (Vol. 26, No. 1, January 2020, p. 131-142).

CAAR – AGing, Independence, and Disability (AGID) Program Data Portal Data Release – January 14, 2020

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National Survey of Older Americans Act Participants Brief (Version 2.54) – January 7, 2020

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