June 25, 2019

CAAR – National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers -June 25, 2019

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Links to an abstract are available. For full text availability check your organization’s library.

A. “Implications of Increasing College Attainment for Aging in General Equilibrium,” by Juan Carlos Conesa, Timothy J. Kehoe, Vegard M. Nygaard, and Gajendran Raveendranathan (w26000, June 2019, .pdf format, 45p.).

B. “The Political Economy of Social Security Reform,” by Michael J. Boskin, Diego J. Perez, and Daniel S. Bennett (w25985, June 2019, .pdf format, 30p.).

CAAR – Nature Neuroscience Article Abstract – June 25, 2019

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Lewy pathology in Parkinson’s disease consists of crowded organelles and lipid membranes,” by Sarah H. Shahmoradian, Amanda J. Lewis, Christel Genoud, Jürgen Hench, Tim E. Moors, Paula P. Navarro, Daniel Castaño-Díez, Gabriel Schweighauser, Alexandra Graff-Meyer, Kenneth N. Goldie, Rosmarie Sütterlin, Evelien Huisman, Angela Ingrassia, Yvonne de Gier, Annemieke J. M. Rozemuller, Jing Wang, Anne De Paepe, Johannes Erny, Andreas Staempfli, Joerg Hoernschemeyer, Frederik Großerüschkamp, Daniel Niedieker, Samir F. El-Mashtoly, Marialuisa Quadri, Wilfred F. J. Van IJcken, Vincenzo Bonifati, Klaus Gerwert, Bernd Bohrmann, Stephan Frank, Markus Britschgi, Henning Stahlberg, Wilma D. J. Van de Berg & Matthias E. Lauer (Vol. 22, No. 7, July 2019, p. 1099-1109).

CAAR – Kaiser Family Foundation Issue Brief – June 25, 2019

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How Many Medicare Part D Enrollees Had High Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs in 2017?” by Juliette Cubanski, Tricia Neuman, and Anthony Damico (June 2019, .pdf format, 12p.).

CAAR – UK Office for National Statistics Article – June 25, 2019

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Living longer and old-age dependency – what does the future hold?” (June 2019, .pdf and HTML format, 14p.).

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