May 14, 2019

CAAR – Demographic Research Article – May 14, 2019

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Impact of delayed effects on human old-age mortality,” by Andrea Verhulst, Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez, and Alberto Palloni (Vol. 40, No. 41, May 2019, .pdf format, p. 1167-1210).

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Articles – May 14, 2019

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A. “Biomarker profiles of Alzheimer’s disease and dynamic of the association between cerebrospinal fluid levels of {beta}-amyloid peptide and tau,” by Aysha S. Mohamed Lafirdeen, Emmanuel Cognat, Severine Sabia, Claire Hourregue, Matthieu Lilamand, Aline Dugravot, Elodie Bouaziz-Amar, Jean-Louis Laplanche, Jacques Hugon, Archana Singh-Manoux, Claire Paquet, and Julien Dumurgier (PLoS ONE 14(5): e0217026., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 13p.).

B. “Experiences and views of older people on their participation in a nurse-led health promotion intervention: “Community Health Consultation Offices for Seniors”,” by Anne Esther Marcus-Varwijk, Dónya S. Madjdian, Emely de Vet, Monique W. M. Mensen, Tommy L. S. Visscher, Adelita V. Ranchor, Joris P. J. Slaets, and Carolien H. M. Smits (PLoS ONE 14(5): e0216494., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 17p.).

CAAR – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Abstract – May 14, 2019

Pleiotropic neuroprotective effects of taxifolin in cerebral amyloid angiopathy,” by Takayuki Inoue, Satoshi Saito, Masashi Tanaka, Hajime Yamakage, Toru Kusakabe, Akira Shimatsu, Masafumi Ihara, and Noriko Satoh-Asahara (Vol. 116, No. 20, May 14, 2019, p. 10031-10038).

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