March 1, 2019

CAAR – British Medical Journal Article – March 1, 2019

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Antibiotic management of urinary tract infection in elderly patients in primary care and its association with bloodstream infections and all cause mortality: population based cohort study,” by Myriam Gharbi, Joseph H. Drysdale, Hannah Lishman, Rosalind Goudie, Mariam Molokhia, Alan P. Johnson, Alison H. Holmes, and Paul Aylin (Vol. 364, No. 8189, BMJ 2019;364:l525, .pdf and HTML format).

CAAR – Nature Neuroscience Article Abstracts – March 1, 2019

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A. “Mitophagy inhibits amyloid-{beta} and tau pathology and reverses cognitive deficits in models of Alzheimer’s disease,” by Evandro F. Fang, Yujun Hou, Konstantinos Palikaras, Bryan A. Adriaanse, Jesse S. Kerr, Beimeng Yang, Sofie Lautrup, Md Mahdi Hasan-Olive, Domenica Caponio, Xiuli Dan, Paula Rocktäschel, Deborah L. Croteau, Mansour Akbari, Nigel H. Greig, Tormod Fladby, Hilde Nilsen, M. Zameel Cader, Mark P. Mattson, Nektarios Tavernarakis & Vilhelm A. Bohr (Vol. 22, No. 3, March 2019, p. 401-412).

B. “Neutrophil adhesion in brain capillaries reduces cortical blood flow and impairs memory function in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models,” by Jean C. Cruz Hernández, Oliver Bracko, Calvin J. Kersbergen, Victorine Muse, Mohammad Haft-Javaherian, Maxime Berg, Laibaik Park, Lindsay K. Vinarcsik, Iryna Ivasyk, Daniel A. Rivera, Yiming Kang, Marta Cortes-Canteli, Myriam Peyrounette, Vincent Doyeux, Amy Smith, Joan Zhou, Gabriel Otte, Jeffrey D. Beverly, Elizabeth Davenport, Yohan Davit, Charles P. Lin, Sidney Strickland, Costantino Iadecola, Sylvie Lorthois, Nozomi Nishimura & Chris B. Schaffer (Vol. 22, No. 3, March 2019, p. 413-420).

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