February 7, 2019

CAAR – US Senate Special Committee on Aging Hearing Testimony – February 7, 2019

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Financial Security in Retirement: Innovations and Best Practices to Promote Savings,” a hearing held February 6, 2019 (witness statements in .pdf format, video of the full hearing available at the web site, running time 1 hour 45 minutes). Note: The hearing begins at the 35 second mark.

CAAR – US Social Security Administration, Research, Statistics, and Policy Analysis Periodical – February 7, 2019

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International Update, January 2019 (January 2019, .pdf format, 4p.).

CAAR – Institute for Fiscal Studies [UK] Working Paper – February 7, 2019

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Survival pessimism and the demand for annuities,” by Cormac O’Dea and David Sturrock (WP19/02, January 2019, .pdf format, 28p.). Note: Links to the abstract and the full text of the paper available at:

CAAR – Nature Neuroscience Article Abstract – February 7, 2019

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Loss of TREM2 function increases amyloid seeding but reduces plaque-associated ApoE,” by Samira Parhizkar, Thomas Arzberger, Matthias Brendel, Gernot Kleinberger, Maximilian Deussing, Carola Focke, Brigitte Nuscher, Monica Xiong, Alireza Ghasemigharagoz, Natalie Katzmarski, Susanne Krasemann, Stefan F. Lichtenthaler, Stephan A. Müller, Alessio Colombo, Laura Sebastian Monasor, Sabina Tahirovic, Jochen Herms, Michael Willem, Nadine Pettkus, Oleg Butovsky, Peter Bartenstein, Dieter Edbauer, Axel Rominger, Ali Ertürk, Stefan A. Grathwohl, Jonas J. Neher, David M. Holtzman, Melanie Meyer-Luehmann & Christian Haass (Vol. 22, No. 2, February 2019, p. 191-204).

CAAR – National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers – February 7, 2019

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Links to an abstract are available. For full text availability check your organization’s library.

A. “Do Immigrants Delay Retirement and Social Security Claiming?” by Mary J. Lopez and Sita Slavov (w25518, February 2019, .pdf format, 32p.).

B. “The Costs and Benefits of Caring: Aggregate Burdens of an Aging Population,” by Finn Kydland and Nick Pretnar (w25498, February 2019, .pdf format, 36p.).

CAAR – Tables of Contents – February 7, 2019

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Health Affairs (Vol. 38, No. 2, February 2019).

International Journal of Aging and Human Development (Vol. 88, No. 2, March 2019).

International Social Security Review (Vol. 72, No. 1, January/March 2019).

Public Policy and Aging Report (Vol. 29, No. 1, 2019).

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