March 12, 2018

CAAR – Public Library of Science (PLoS) Article – March 12, 2018

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Investigating the modulation of genetic effects on late AMD by age and sex: Lessons learned and two additional loci,” by Thomas W. Winkler, Caroline Brandl, Felix Grassmann, Mathias Gorski, Klaus Stark, Julika Loss, Bernhard H. F. Weber, and Iris M. Heid, for the International Age-related Macular Degeneration Genomics Consortium (IAMDGC) (PLoS ONE 13(3): e0194321., XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 21p.).

CAAR – Panel Study of Income Dynamics Bibliography Update – March 12, 2018

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The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research PSID has recently added the following item to its bibliography. The entire bibliography can be searched or browsed in various ways at:

Campanale, Claudio. Luxury Consumption, Precautionary Savings and Wealth Inequality. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics. 2018. 18, (1):

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Elliott, William, Rauscher, Emily, and Nam, Ilsung. Unequal Returns: Intragenerational Asset Accumulation Differs by Net Worth in Early Adulthood. Children and Youth Services Review. 2018. 85, 253-263.

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Sastry, Narayan, Fomby, Paula, and McGonagle, Katherine. Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) to Conduct Life Course Health Development Analysis. Handbook of Life Course Health Development. Springer; 2018. p.579-599.

Slavik, Ctirad and Wiseman, Kevin. Tough love for lazy kids: Dynamic insurance and equal bequests. Review of Economic Dynamics. 2018. 27, 64-80.

Wilson, George and Roscigno, Vincent J. Race, Ageism and the Slide from Privileged Occupations. Social Science Research. 2018. 69, 52-64.


CAAR – Conferencealerts.Com Gerontology Conference Alert – March 12, 2018

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International Women, Ageing and Media (WAM) Summer School 2018 – June 26-28, 2018 (Cheltenham, United Kingdom).

CAAR – Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Website of Interest – March 12, 2018

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State-by-State Pension Plan Information,” (March 2018).

CAAR – Tables of Contents – March 12, 2018

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International Journal of Aging and Human Development (Vol. 86, No. 3, April 2018).

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (Vol. 62, No. 2, 2018).

Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology (Vol. 33, No. 1, March 2018).

Journal of Pension Economics (Vol. 17, No. 2, April 2018).

Research on Aging (Vol. 40, No. 4, April 2018).

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