Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #601 -- August 18, 2011

CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Reports and articles:


A. "Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2010," (August 2011, .pdf, HTML, and Excel format, 177p.).

B. International Update, August 2011 (August 2011, .pdf and HTML format, 5p.).



A. "Higher Rebates for Brand-Name Drugs Result in Lower Costs for Medicaid Compared to Medicare Part D" (OEI-03-10-00320, August 2011, .pdf format, 22p.).

B. "Comparison of First-Quarter 2011 Average Sales Prices and Average Manufacturer Prices: Impact on Medicare Reimbursement for Third Quarter 2011" (OEI-03-11-00540, August 2011, .pdf format, 19p.).



A. "Medicare Physician Feedback Program: CMS Faces Challenges with Methodology and Distribution of Physician Reports" (GAO-11-720, August 2011, HTML and .pdf format, 33p.).

B. "Nursing Homes: Private Investment Homes Sometimes Differed from Others in Deficiencies, Staffing, and Financial Performance" (GAO-11-571, July 2011, HTML and .pdf format, 67p.).


4. US ADMINISTRATION ON AGING NEWSLETTER: AoA eNewsletter (August 2011, .pdf format, 10p.).


5. US NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF AGING PRESS RELEASE: "Compound improves health, increases lifespan of obese mice," (August 18, 2011).


6. FAROE ISLANDS STATISTICAL SERVICE DATA UPDATE: The following interactive data tables, which may be of interest to researchers in aging, have recently been updated. Multiple download formats are available.

A. Recipients of old age pensions by gender and age (2003-2010) Updated: May 2011

B. Recipients of early retirement pensions by gender and age (2000-2010) Updated: May 2011

C. Recipients of home help and residents in shared homes for elderly, by gender, age and marital status (2005-2010) Updated: May 2011

D. Provided home help for people living at home and residents at shared homes for elderly, by gender and age (2005-2010) Updated: May 2011

E. People at shared homes for elderly people by gender, age, region and user groups (2005-2010) Updated: May 2011

F. Residents in measures for elderly people by gender, age and region (2005-2010) Updated: July 2011



A. "Employment Measures for the Elderly in Local Community," (July 2011, .pdf format, 7p.).

B. "Promotion of Purpose of Life for the Independent elderly, Senior Citizens' Club, Participation in Volunteers," (July 2011, .pdf format, 22p.).


8. INTERNATIONAL LONGEVITY CENTRE [UK] REPORT: "Growing Older In Urban Environments: Perspectives from Japan and the UK," (August 2011, .pdf format, 23p.).


9. BOSTON COLLEGE CENTER FOR RETIREMENT RESEARCH ISSUE BRIEF: "What Is the Average Retirement Age?" by Alicia H. Munnell (IB#11-11, August 2011, .pdf format, 7p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


10. HERITAGE FOUNDATION WEB MEMORANDUM: "A Recipe for Reform: Success of Consumer-Driven Principles in Medicare Programs," by Kathryn Nix (No. 3340, August 2011, .pdf and HTML format, 3p.).


11. AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE PERIODICAL: Health Policy Outlook (No. 7, August 2011, .pdf format, 7p.). The title of this issue is "Medicare End-of-Life Counseling: A Matter of Choice," by Darius Lakdawalla, Dana P. Goldman, Anupam B. Jena, and David B. Agus.


12. KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION ISSUE BRIEF: "Proposed Models to Integrate Medicare and Medicaid Benefits for Dual Eligibles: A Look at the 15 State Design Contracts Funded By CMS" (August 2011, .pdf format, 47p.).


13. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES CENTER FOR HEALTH POLICY RESEARCH NEWS RELEASE: "Poll finds two-thirds of California voters unprepared for costs of growing older" (Aug. 16, 2011).

Click on "new poll" in the first paragraph of the release for a link to a report: "California Voters 40 and Older Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet and Financially Unprepared for Growing Older" (August 2011, .pdf format, 16p.).



A. "Medicare Premiums and Social Security's Cost-of-Living Adjustments," by Rudolph G. Penner (August 2011, .pdf format, 12p.).

B. "Employment and Earnings among 50+ People of Color," by Richard W. Johnson and Janice Park (Data Brief No. 4, August 2011, .pdf format, 9p.).

C. "Will the Patient-Centered Medical Home Transform the Delivery of Health Care?" by Robert A. Berenson, Kelly J. Devers, and Rachel A. Burton (August 2011, .pdf format, 16p.).


15. CENTER FOR AGING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN IRELAND (CARDI) E-LIBRARY UPDATE: CARDI e-library has updated its links to relevant papers from Aug. 12-Aug. 18, 2011).


16. FAMILY CAREGIVER ALLIANCE PERIODICAL: Caregiving Policy Digest (Vol. 11, No. 15, Aug. 17, 2011).



A. "Dihydrotestosterone synthesis bypasses testosterone to drive castration-resistant prostate cancer," by Kai-Hsiung Chang, Rui Li, Mahboubeh Papari-Zareei, Lori Watumull, Yan Daniel Zhao, Richard J. Auchus, and Nima Sharifi (Vol. 108, No. 33, Aug. 16, 2011, p. 13728-13733).

B. "Nonrandom attrition of the naive CD8+ T-cell pool with aging governed by T-cell receptor:pMHC interactions," by Brian D. Rudd, Vanessa Venturi, Gang Li, Partha Samadder, James M. Ertelt, Sing Sing Way, Miles P. Davenport, and Janko Nikolich-Zugich (Vol. 108, No. 33, Aug. 16, 2011, p. 13694-13699).



A. "OASIS: Online Application for the Survival Analysis of Lifespan Assays Performed in Aging Research," by Jae-Seong Yang, Hyun-Jun Nam, Mihwa Seo, Seong Kyu Han, Yonghwan Choi, Hong Gil Nam, Seung-Jae Lee, and Sanguk Kim (PLoS ONE 6(8):e23525. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023525,HTML, XML and .pdf format, 11p.).

B. "Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Drug Use: A Nationwide Register-Based Study of Over 1,300,000 Older People," by Kristina Johnell and Hakan Fischer (PLoS ONE 6(8): e23750. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023750, HTML, XML and .pdf format, 6p.).

C. "Changes in Drug Utilization during a Gap in Insurance Coverage: An Examination of the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap," by Jennifer M. Polinski, William H. Shrank, Haiden A. Huskamp, Robert J. Glynn, Joshua N. Liberman, and Sebastian Schneeweiss (PLoS Med 8(8): e1001075. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001075, XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 12p.).

D. "Widowhood and Mortality: A Meta-Analysis," by J. Robin Moon, Naoki Kondo, M. Maria Glymour, and S. V. Subramanian (PLoS ONE 6(8): e23465. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023465, XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 9p.).

E. "WNT5A Signaling Contributes to A{beta}-Induced Neuroinflammation and Neurotoxicity," by Bei Li, Ling Zhong, Xiangling Yang, Tommy Andersson, Min Huang, and Shao-Jun Tang (PLoS ONE 6(8): e22920. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022920, .pdf, XML, and HTML format, 10p.).


19. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL ARTICLE: "Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people: population based cohort study," by Carol Coupland, Paula Dhiman, Richard Morriss, Antony Arthur, Garry Barton, and Julia Hippisley-Cox (BMJ 2011; 343:d4551, Vol. 343, No. 7819, Aug. 13, 2011, HTML and .pdf format, 15p.). This article is available free of charge.


20. LANCET PERSPECTIVES: Note: Lancet requires free registration before providing articles. "Laughing to longevity--the work of elder clowns," by Bernie Warren and Peter Spitzer (Vol. 378, No. 9791, Aug. 13, 2011, HTML and .pdf format, p. 562-563). This article is available free of charge.



A. "Neuropathologically defined subtypes of Alzheimer's disease with distinct clinical characteristics: a retrospective study," by Melissa E. Murray, Neill R. Graff-Radford, Owen A. Ross, Ronald C. Petersen, Ranjan Duara, and Dennis W. Dickson (Vol. 10, No. 9, September 2011, p. 785-796).

B. "Serial dopamine transporter imaging of nigrostriatal function in patients with idiopathic rapid-eye-movement sleep behaviour disorder: a prospective study," by Alex Iranzo, Francesc Valldeoriola, Francisco Lomena, Jose Luis Molinuevo, Monica Serradell, Manel Salamero, Albert Cot, Domenec Ros, Javier Pav, Joan Santamaria, and Eduardo Tolosa (Vol. 10, No. 9, September 2011, p. 797-805).


22. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "Living With an Aging Parent: 'It Was a Beautiful Invitation'," by Christine S. Ritchie, David L. Roth, and Richard M. Allman (Vol. 306, NO. 7, August 17, 2011, p. 746-753).


II. Working Papers:

23. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH: "Would People Behave Differently If They Better Understood Social Security? Evidence From a Field Experiment," by Jeffrey B. Liebman and Erzo F.P. Luttmer (w17287, August 2011, .pdf format, 37p.).


This paper presents the results of a field experiment in which a sample of older workers was randomized between a treatment group that was given information about key Social Security provisions and a control group that was not. The experiment was designed to examine whether it is possible to affect individual behavior using a relatively inexpensive informational intervention about the provisions of a public program and to explore the mechanisms underlying the behavior change. We find that our relatively mild intervention (sending an informational brochure and an invitation to a web-tutorial) increased labor force participation one year later by 4 percentage points relative to the control group mean of 74 percent and that this effect is driven by a 7.2 percentage point increase among female subjects. The information intervention increased the perceived returns to working longer, especially among female respondents, which suggests that the behavioral response can be attributed at least in part to updated information about Social Security.


24. WORLD BANK POLICY RESEARCH PROGRAMME: "The mechanics and regulation of variable payout annuities," by Dmitri Vittas (WPS No. 5762, August 2011, .pdf and ASCII text format, 63p.). Note: Links to the abstract and full-text can be found at:


25. NEP-AGE: Working papers in the Economics of Aging are available through the bibliographic database provided by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). The latest compilations are for Aug. 9, 2011.


III. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

26. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics (Vol. 53, No. 3, November/December 2011).

27. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (Vol. 59, No. 8, August 2011).

28. Journal of Gerontological Social Work (Vol. 54, No. 6, July 2011).

29. International Psychogeriatrics (Vol. 23, No. 7, September 2011).


30. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

D. Prostate Cancer: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

E. Stem Cell Research: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

F. Ophthalmology: Literature for the week of August 15, 2011:

AMEDEO Literature Guide:


IV. Books:

31. NATIONAL ACADEMIES PRESS: Health Care Comes Home: The Human Factors (2011, ISBN-10: 0-309-21236-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-309-21236-6, .pdf and OpenBook format, 200p.). Note: NAP requires free registration prior to providing access to their .pdf content.


V. Funding/Employment Opportunities:

32. US NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: "Systems Science and Health in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R01)," (PAR-11-314, National Institute on Aging, in conjunction with other agencies, due dates are January 25, May 25, and September 25). Note: There is a companion award "Systems Science and Health in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R21)," (PAR-11-315). A link to that program announcement is included under "Companion FOA."


33. AGEWORK.COM: AgeWork has updated its employment page with listings through Aug. 17, 2011.


VI. Conferences:

34. CONFERENCEALERTS.COM GERONTOLOGY CONFERENCES: has recently added the following gerontology related conferences:

Oct. 2, 2011: 6th International Conference on Creative Expression, Communication and Dementia (CECD), Burlington, Canada

Oct. 3, 2011: National Conference on Gerontology: "Healthy and Productive Ageing-The Need Of The Hour," Mumbai, India

Oct. 25, 2011: Marketing to Older Consumers, Melbourne, Australia

Feb. 12, 2012: Keystone Symposia: Sirtuins in Metabolism, Aging and Disease, Tahoe City, California

Mar. 11, 2012: Keystone Symposia: The Life of a Stem Cell: From Birth to Death, Olympic Valley, California

Apr. 1, 2012: Keystone Symposia: Mechanisms of Whole Organ Regeneration, Breckinridge, Colorado

Oct. 17, 2012: 1st IAGG Conference on Gerontology and Geriatrics, Capetown, South Africa



Oct. 27-29, 2011: Chicago Supportive Oncology Conference--Chicago, Illinois.

Nov. 15, 2011: 9th Annual Geriatric Palliative Care Conference--New York, New York



36. HEALTH AND RETIREMENT STUDY: HRS has recently added the following items to its bibliography. The full bibliography is available at:


Brown, Susan M.E., Debt and negative net worth among near-retirees, Utah State University [2011]

Cable, Heather M, Conversations on death: Cost implications of end-of-life preparations, Georgetown University [2011]

Giuriceo, Katherine Dodge, Changes in retirement decisions: Determinants of plans and timing, University of Maryland, Baltimore County [2011]

Killewald, Alexandra Achen, What Money Buys and Family Costs: Three Papers on the Work-Family Intersection, Ann Arbor, Michigan The University of Michigan [2011]

Noroski, Paul J., Self Assessed Health, Anchoring Vignettes, and Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Health and Retirement Study, State University of New York at Albany [2011]


Anda Botoseneanu; Jersey Liang, "Social Stratification of Body Weight Trajectory in Middle-Age and Older Americans: Results From a 14-Year Longitudinal Study," Journal of Aging and Health, 23:3 [2011]

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Kanika Kapur; Jeannette Rogowski, "How Does Health Insurance Affect the Retirement Behavior of Women?," Inquiry - Excellus Health Plan., 48:1 [2011]

Katrina M Walsemann; Jennifer A Ailshire, "BMI Trajectories During the Transition to Older Adulthood: Persistent, Widening, or Diminishing Disparities by Ethnicity and Education?," Research on Aging, 33:3 [2011]

Killewald, Alexandra Achen, "Opting Out and Buying Out: Wives' Earnings and Housework Time," Journal of Marriage and Family, 73:2 [2011]

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Warner, David F.; Brown, Tyson H., "Understanding how race/ethnicity and gender define age-trajectories of disability: An intersectionality approach," Social Science and Medicine, 72:8 [2011]

Yong Li; Gail A. Jensen, "The Impact of Private Long-Term Care Insurance on the Use of Long-Term Care," Inquiry - Excellus Health Plan., 48:1 [2011]





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