Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #516 -- December 10, 2009

CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Reports and articles:

1. MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY WEEKLY REPORT QUICKSTATS: "Percentage of Adults with Activity Limitations, by Age Group and Type of Limitation --- National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2008" (Vol. 58, No. 48, Dec. 11, 2009, HTML and .pdf format, p. 1357).




2. US ADMINISTRATION ON AGING PERIODICAL: E-News (December 2009, .pdf format, 9p.).



A. "Screening for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection" (December 2009, HTML and .pdf format, 27p.).

B. "Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty (PTA) of the Carotid Artery Concurrent with Stenting" (December 2009, HTML and .pdf format, 29p.).



A. "Medicare: CMS Working to Address Problems from Round 1 of the Durable Medical Equipment Competitive Bidding Program" (GAO-10-27, November 2009, .pdf format, 59p.).

B. "Private Pensions: Additional Changes Could Improve Employee Benefit Plan Financial Reporting" (GAO-10-54, November 2009, HTML and .pdf format, 27p.).


5. MEDICAL EXPENDITURE PANEL STUDY STATISTICAL BULLETIN: "Trends in Antiparkinson Agents Utilization and Expenditures for the U.S. Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population, 1996 and 2007," by Marie N. Stagnitti (Statistical Brief 270, December 2009, .pdf and HTML format, 6p.).


6. STATISTICS NETHERLANDS WEB MAGAZINE ARTICLE: "Older people often suffer from multiple diseases," by Jan-Willem Bruggink (Dec. 4, 2009).


7. BOSTON COLLEGE CENTER FOR RETIREMENT RESEARCH ISSUE BRIEF: "The Swedish Pension System and the Economic Crisis," by Annika Sunden (IB#9-25, December 2009, .pdf format, 4p.).


8. BOSTON COLLEGE SLOAN CENTER FOR AGING AND WORK NEWS RELEASE: "State Agencies Failing to Engage Older Workers" (Dec. 8, 2009).


9. INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH [UK] REPORT: "Getting On: Well-being in later life," by James McCormick with Jonathan Clifton, Alice Sachrajda, Myriam Cherti and Eleanor McDowell (December 2009, .pdf format, 60p.).


10. INTERNATIONAL LONGEVITY CENTRE UK [LONDON] BRIEF: "Decumulation of Assets--The Impact of the Economic Downturn: Notes based on ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession Joint Event" (November 2009, .pdf format, 11p.).

More information about ILC-UK:


11. INVESTMENT COMPANY INSTITUTE REPORT: "The Evolving Role of IRAs in U.S. Retirement Planning" (in _Research Perspective_, Vol. 15, No. 3, November 2009, .pdf format, 32p.).

More information about ICI:



A. "Whats in the Stars? Quality Ratings of Medicare Advantage Plans, 2010" (December 2009, .pdf format, 7p.).

B. "Summary of Recent Results of Public Opinion on Medicare Expansion" (December 2009, .pdf format, 3p.).


13. NATIONAL GAY AND LESBIAN TASKFORCE REPORT: "Outing Age 2010: Public Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Elders," by Jaime M. Grant (November 2009, .pdf format, 162p.).

More information on NGLT:


14. POPULATION REFERENCE BUREAU PERIODICAL: _Today's Research on Aging_ (No. 18, December 2009, .pdf format, 7p.). The topic of this issue is "HIV/AIDS and Older Adults in the United States."


15. MEDSCAPE ARTICLE: Note: Medscape requires free registration before providing articles: "Bone Mineral Density, Arterial Stiffness, and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Healthy Postmenopausal Women," by Seok Kyo Seo, SiHyun Cho, Hye Yeon Kim, Young Sik Choi, Ki Hyun Park, Dong Jae Cho, and Byung Seok Lee (Menopause 2009;Vol. 16, No.5, p.937-943, via Medscape).


16. NATURE MEDICINE LETTER ABSTRACT: "Modulating hedgehog signaling can attenuate the severity of osteoarthritis," by Alvin C. Lin, Brian L. Seeto, Justyna M. Bartoszko, Michael A. Khoury, Heather Whetstone, Louisa Ho, Claire Hsu, Amanda S. Ali, and Benjamin A. Alman (Vol. 15, No. 12, December 2009, p. 1421-1425).



A. "Amyloid-{beta}42 signals tau hyperphosphorylation and compromises neuronal viability by disrupting alkylacylglycerophosphocholine metabolism," by Scott D. Ryan, Shawn N. Whitehead, Leigh Anne Swayne, Tia C. Moffat, Weimin Hou, Martin Ethier, Andre J.G. Bourgeois, Juliet Rashidian, Alexandre P. Blanchard, Paul E. Fraser, David S. Park, Daniel Figeys, and Steffany A.L. Bennett (Vol. 106, No. 49, Dec. 8, 2009, p. 20936-20941).

B. "Subregional neuroanatomical change as a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease," by Dominic Holland, James B. Brewer, Donald J. Hagler, Christine Fenema-Notestine, Anders M. Dale, and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (Vol. 106, No. 49, Dec. 8, 2009, p. 20954-20959).


18. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "Relationship of Primary Care Physicians' Patient Caseload With Measurement of Quality and Cost Performance," by David J. Nyweide, William B. Weeks, Daniel J. Gottlieb, Lawrence P. Casalino, and Elliott S. Fisher (Vol. 302, No. 22, December 9, 2009, p. 2444-2450).


19. LANCET ARTICLE ABSTRACT: Note: Lancet requires free registration before providing content."Self-rated health before and after retirement in France (GAZEL): a cohort study," by Hugo Westerlund, Mika Kivimaki, Archana Singh-Manoux, Maria Melchior, Jane E. Ferrie, Jaana Pentti, Markus Jokela, Constanze Leineweber, Marcel Goldberg, Marie Zins, and Jussi Vahtera (Vol. 374, No. 9705, Dec. 5, 2009, p. 1889-1896).


II. Working Papers:


A. "How Seniors Change Their Asset Holdings During Retirement," by Karen Smith, Mauricio Soto, and Rudolph G. Penner (WP 2009-31, December 2009, .pdf format). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

B. "Actual and Anticipated Inheritance Receipts," by Norma B. Coe and Anthony Webb (WP 2009-32, December 2009, .pdf format, 33p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

C. "Will Automatic Enrollment Reduce Employer Contributions to 401(k) Plans?" by Mauricio Soto and Barbara A. Butrica (WP 2009-33, December 2009, .pdf format, 32p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


21. NEP-AGE: Working papers in the Economics of Aging are available through the bibliographic database provided by Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). The latest compilation is for Nov. 27, 2009.


III. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

22. American Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 170, No. 12, Dec. 15, 2009).


23. Dementia (Vol. 8, No. 4, November 2009).


24. Journal of the American Geriatric Society (Vol. 57, No 12, December 2009).


25. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

D. Prostate Cancer: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

E. Stem Cell Research: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

F. Ophthalmology: Literature for the week of Dec. 7, 2009:

AMEDEO Literature Guide:


IV. Funding Opportunities/Employment Opportunities:

26. US NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: "Blueprint Program for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Research Education Experiences (R25) (RFA-MH-10-070, Dec. 4, 2009, National Institute on Aging, in conjunction with several other agencies). For more information see:


27. has updated its employment listings through Dec. 10, 2009.


V. Conferences:

28. BOSTON COLLEGE NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER FOR PARTICIPANT DIRECTED SERVICES WEBINAR: "Adding and Sustaining Consumer Direction in Aging Network Programs: Challenges, Insights, and Successes," to be held Dec. 15, 2009, 3:00 pm--4:30 pm US Eastern Standard Time). For more information and registration see:


VI. Legislation Information Updates:

29. US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE REPORT: "Profits, Marketing, and Corporate Expenses in the Medicare Advantage Market" (December 2009, .pdf format, 11p.). The report is linked to at the bottom of a CEC news release: "New Report Highlights Medicare Advantage Insurers Higher Administrative Spending" (Dec. 9, 2009).


VII. Websites of Interest:

30. MEDICARE.GOV WEBSITE UPDATES: The "Supplier Directory" page was updated on Dec. 4, 2009. For all of's suite of interactive web databases see:


VIII. Bibliography Updates:

31. HEALTH AND RETIREMENT SURVEY: HRS at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research has added the following items to its bibliography:


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It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgement; and in these qualities old age is usually not only not poorer, but is even richer

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