Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #407--October 11, 2007

CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Data:

1. HEALTH AND RETIREMENT STUDY UPDATE: The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research HRS has announced the following data update:

Oct. 4, 2007 - HRS 2006 Exit (Early, Version 1.0)

Data access:


2. EMPIRE CENTER FOR NEW YORK STATE POLICY: "State and Local Government Average Pension Benefit, 2005," (October 2007, Excel format).


II. Reports and articles:


A. "Retirement Security: Women Face Challenges in Ensuring Financial Security in Retirement," (GAO-08-105, October 2007, .pdf format, 85p.).

Note: This is a temporary address. GAO reports are available at:

B. "Prescription Drugs: Trends in Usual and Customary Prices for Drugs Frequently Used by Medicare and Non-Medicare Health Insurance Enrollees," (GAO-07-1201R, September 2007, .pdf format, 12p.).



A. "Federal Aid to States for Fiscal Year 2005," (FAS/05, September 2007, .pdf format, 56p.).

B. "Consolidated Federal Funds Report for Fiscal Year 2005," (CFFR/05, September 2007, .pdf format, 116p.).

Related Press Release: "Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Account for Half of Federal Spending," (October 9, 2007).



A. "Caring for America's aging population: a profile of the direct-care workforce," by Reagan Baughman and Kristin Smith (Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 130, No. 9, Sept. 2007, .pdf format, p. 20-26).

B. "Employer generosity in employer-matched 401(k) plans, 2002-03," by Keenan Dworak-Fisher (Monthly Labor Review, Vol. 130, No. 9, Sept. 2007, .pdf format, p. 11-19).


6. NORTH DAKOTA STATE DATA CENTER PERIODICAL: Population Bulletin (Vol. 23, No. 10, October 2007, .pdf format, 3p.). The topic of this month's issue is: "Dependency Ratios in North Dakota."


7. STATISTICS NEW ZEALAND COMPENDIUM: _New Zealand's 65+ Population: A statistical volume (2007)_ (October 2007, .pdf format, 157p.).


8. AUSTRALIAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND AGING PRESS RELEASE: "Better health services for older Australians," (October 5, 2007, .pdf and HTML format, 1p.).


9. INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY POLICY [SPAIN] REPORT: "Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe, 2007," (2007, .pdf format, 63p.).


10. KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION REPORT: "Long-Term Service and Supports: The Future Role and Challenges for Medicaid," by Judith Kasper, Barbara Lyons, and Molly O'Malley (October 2007, .pdf format, 24p.).


11. EMPLOYEE BENEFIT RESEARCH INSTITUTE REPORT: "401(k)-Type Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)," by Craig Copeland (EBRI Notes, Vol. 28, No. 10, October 2007, .pdf format, 15p.).


12. BROOKINGS INSTITUTION PAPER: "Why the 2005 Social Security Initiative Failed, and What it Means for the Future," by William A. Galston (September 2007, .pdf format, 10p.).


13. NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR QUALITY LONG-TERM CARE REPORT: "Essential but Not Sufficient: Information Technology in Long-Term Care as an Enabler of Consumer Independence and Quality Improvement," by Ross D. Martin, David Brantley, and Darcy Dangler (September 2007, .pdf format, 55p.).


14. AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION REPORT: "A Report on Shortfalls in Medicaid Funding for Nursing Home Care," (September 2007, .pdf format, 32p.).



A. "Treat elderly people with dignity, trusts warned," by Jacqui Wise (News, Vol. 335, No. 7622, Oct. 6, 2007, HTML and .pdf format, p. 689).

B. "An age old problem," by Tessa Richards (Observations, Vol. 335, No. 7622, Oct. 6, 2007, HTML and .pdf format, p. 698).


16. NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "Long-Term Follow-up of the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study," by Ian Ford, Heather Murray, Chris J. Packard, James Shepherd, Peter W. Macfarlane, and Stuart M. Cobbe (Vol. 357, No. 15, October 11, 2007, p. 1477-1486).


17. LANCET ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "Melphalan and prednisone plus thalidomide versus melphalan and prednisone alone or reduced-intensity autologous stem cell transplantation in elderly patients with multiple myeloma (IFM 99-06): a randomised trial," by Prof. Thierry Facon, Jean Yves Mary, Cyrille Hulin, Lotfi Benboubker, Prof. Michel Attal, Brigitte Pegourie, Marc Renaud, Prof. Jean Luc Harousseau, Gaëlle Guillerm, Carine Chaleteix, Mamoun Dib, Laurent Voillat, Hervé Maisonneuve, Jacques Troncy, Véronique Dorvaux, Prof. Mathieu Monconduit, Claude Martin, Prof. Philippe Casassus, Jérôme Jaubert, Henry Jardel, Prof. Chantal Doyen, Brigitte Kolb, Bruno Anglaret, Prof. Bernard Grosbois, Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha, Claire Mathiot, and Prof. Hervé Avet-Loiseau (Vol. 370, No. 9594, Oct. 6, 2007, p. 1209-1218).


18. NATURE MEDICINE ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "27-Hydroxycholesterol is an endogenous SERM that inhibits the cardiovascular effects of estrogen," by Michihisa Umetani, Hideharu Domoto, Andrew K. Gormley, Ivan S. Yuhanna, Carolyn L. Cummins., Norman B. Javitt, Kenneth S. Korach, Philip W. Shaul, and David J. Mangelsdorf (Vol. 13, No. 10, October 2007, p. 1186-1192).


19. US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT ARTICLE: "Splitting (Third) Rails," by James Pethokoukis (Oct. 15, 2007).


20. CITY PRESS [Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa] ARTICLE: "New pension fund will give women much bigger clout," by Bongolethu Futuse (Oct. 6, 2007).,,186-246_2197035,00.html


III. Working Papers:

21. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN CENTER FOR DEMOGRAPHY AND ECOLOGY: "The Dimensionality and Measurement of Cognitive Functioning at Age 65 in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study," by James A. Yonker, Robert M. Hauser, and Jeremy Freese (Working Paper No. 2007-06, 2007, .pdf format, 30p.).


The 2003-05 telephone surveys of high school graduates in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study administered six cognitive assessments: immediate and delayed word recall, digit ordering, a subset of the WAIS-R similarities test, and letter and category frequency. We have analyzed these data separately among male and female participants in the WLS. We find that a structural model with a single, second order factor for general cognitive functioning fits the data well. The first order factors are memory/attention (word recall and digit ordering), abstract reasoning (WAIS-R), and verbal (letter and category) fluency. In addition, the memory/attention factor loads much more heavily on the general cognition factor among men than among women. We recommend this model be used in other analyses of cognitive functioning in the WLS.


22. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN RETIREMENT RESEARCH CENTER: "The Effect of Retirement Incentives on Retirement Behavior: Evidence from the Self-Employed in the United States and England," by Julie Zissimopoulos, Nicole Maestas and Lynn Karoly (WP2007-155, September 2007, .pdf format, 42p.). Links to the abstract and full-text can be found at:


23. PENSION RESEARCH COUNCIL, WHARTON SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: Note: PRC requires free registration before providing working papers.

A. "Net Worth and Housing Equity in Retirement," by Todd Sinai and Nicholas Souleles (WP 2007-29, October 2007, .pdf format, 44p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

B. "The Impact of Health Status and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures on Annuity Valuation," by Cassio M. Turra and Olivia S. Mitchell (WP2007-30, October 2007, .pdf format, 36p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:



A. "New Age Thinking: Alternative Ways of Measuring Age, Their Relationship to Labor Force Participation, Government Policies and GDP," by John B. Shoven (w13476, October 2007, .pdf format, 19p.).


The current practice of measuring age as years-since-birth, both in common practice and in the law, rather than alternative measures reflecting a person's stage in the lifecycle distorts important behavior such as retirement, saving, and the discussion of dependency ratios. Two alternative measures of age are explored: mortality risk and remaining life expectancy. With these alternative measures, the huge wave of elderly forecast for the first half of this century doesn't look like a huge wave at all. By conventional 65+ standards, the fraction of the population that is elderly will grow by about 66 percent. However, the fraction of the population that is above a mortality rate that corresponds to 65+ today will grow by only 20 percent. Needless to say, the aging of the society is a lot less dramatic with the alternative mortality-based age measures. In a separate application of age measurement, I examine the consequences of stabilizing labor force participation by age with alternative age definitions. If labor force participation were to remain as it is today with respect to remaining life expectancy (i.e. if the length of retirement stayed where it is today) rather than labor force participation remaining fixed by conventionally-defined age, then there would be 9.6 percent more total labor supply by 2050 in the U.S. This additional labor supply could help finance entitlement programs amongst other things. GDP would be between seven and ten percent higher by 2050 if retirement lengths stabilize. Several policies are examined that would encourage longer work careers.

B. "The Lifetime Costs and Benefits of Medical Technology," by David M. Cutler (w13478, October 2007, .pdf format, 30p.).


Measuring the lifetime costs and benefits of medical technologies is essential in evaluating technological change and determining the productivity of medical care. Using data on Medicare beneficiaries with a heart attack in the late 1980s and 17 years of follow up data, I evaluate the long-term costs and benefits of revascularization after a heart attack. I account for non-random selection into treatment with instrumental variables; following McClellan, McNeil, and Newhouse, the instrument is the differential distance to a hospital capable of providing revascularization. The results show that revascularization is associated with over 1 year of additional life expectancy, at a cost of about $40,000. Revascularization, or other treatments correlated with it, appears to be highly cost-effective.


25. INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF LABOR (IZA) [UNIVERSITY OF BONN, GERMANY]: "Too Old to Work, Too Young to Retire?" by Andrea Ichino, Guido Schwerdt, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, and Josef Zweimüller (Discussion Paper No. 3110, October 2007, .pdf format, 36p.).


We use firm closure data from social security records for Austria 1978-1998 to investigate the effect of age on employment prospects. We rely on exact matching to compare workers displaced due to firm closure with similar non-displaced workers. We then use a difference-in-difference strategy to analyze employment and earnings of older relative to prime-age workers in the displacement and non-displacement groups. Results suggest that immediately after plant closure the old have lower re-employment probabilities as compared to prime-age workers but later they catch up. While among the young the employment prospects of the displaced remain persistently different from those of the non-displaced, among the old the effect of displacement fades away, and actually disappears even immediately after plant closure when the effect of tenure based severance payment is controlled for. Our evidence suggests that increasing the retirement age does not necessarily produce individuals who are 'too old to work but too young to retire'.


IV. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

26. Journal of the American Geriatric Society (Vol. 55, No. 10 & Supp. 2, Sept. 2007).

Vol. 10:

Supp. 2:

27. Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences (Vol. 62, No. 10, October 1, 2007). Note: Full text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for availability of this database and issue


28. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

D. Prostate Cancer: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

E. Stem Cell Research: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

F. Ophthalmology: Literature for the week of October 10, 2007:

AMEDEO Literature Guide:


V. Funding Opportunities:

29. US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: "Excellence in Building Healthy Communities for Active Aging Application, Award Guidelines and Entry Rules," (HTML and .pdf format). Deadline for applications is Oct. 19, 2007.


VI. Conferences:

30. CENTER FOR RETIREMENT RESEARCH AT BOSTON COLLEGE: "Work and Retirement Roundtable: How Can Workers and Employers Navigate the Changing Landscape?" to be held October 17, 2007 (Boston, MA). For more information on the agenda and registration please see:


31. CONFERENCEALERTS.COM: has recently updated its gerontology conferences page.

Newly added conference listings (click on the titles at for more information).

- European Delirium Association 01 November 2007 Limerick Ireland
- 2007 KEPAD International Symposium 04 December 2007 Seoul Korea (South)
- 31st Annual Brain Impairment Conference: Brain Impairment and Ageing 01 May 2008 Melbourne Australia


VII. Legislation Information Updates:

32. US SENATE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON AGING HEARING PUBLICATION: "Boomers and the Budget: What Does it Mean for America's Seniors?" a hearing held February 15, 2007 (S.Hrg. 110-128, .pdf format, 65p.).


VIII. Websites of Interest:

33. ECUMEN: "Changing Aging," is a blog that focuses on current issues in aging.

For more information about Ecumen go to:


34. HRS BIBLIOGRAPHY UPDATES: The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research Health and Retirement Study has recently updated its bibliography. The full bibliography can be found at:

HRS has also added a new page that enables users to search for online citations. The search page can be found at:

Book Chapter:

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