Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #380--March 29, 2007

CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Data:

1. HUMAN MORTALITY DATABASE UPDATE: Note: HMR requires free registration before providing data. Data for Austria has been revised and updated through 2005.

Data availability:

Data access:



A. "MEPS HC-085I: Appendix to MEPS 2004 Event Files" (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Mar. 26, 2007).

B. "MEPS HC-087: 2004 Medical Conditions" (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Mar. 26, 2007).

Data Access:


3. INTER-UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM FOR POLITICAL AND SOCIAL RESEARCH: ICPSR at the University of Michigan has recently added "National Nursing Home Survey, 2004" to its collection. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

National Nursing Home Survey, 2004 (#4651):


II. Reports and articles:

4. US CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE REPORT: "Medicare's Skilled Nursing Facility Payments" (RL33921, March 2007, .pdf format, 12p.).


5. US NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS REPORT: "Early Release of Selected Estimates Based on Data From the January-September 2006 National Health Interview Survey" (March 2007, .pdf format, 107p.). Chapters 5 and 12 in particular may be of interest to researchers in aging.


6. US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR PLANNING AND EVALUATION REPORT: "Nursing Home Selection: How Do Consumers Choose? Volume I: Findings from Focus Groups of Consumers and Information Intermediaries," by Lisa R. Shugarman and Julie A. Brown (Rand Corporation, December 2006, HTML and.pdf format, 65p.).


7. US CENTERS FOR MEDICARE AND MEDICAID SERVICES NEWLY PUBLISHED ORGAN TRANSPLANT REGULATION: "Final Rule: Hospital Conditions of Participation: Requirements for Approval and Re-approval of Transplant Centers to Perform Organ Transplants" (Federal Register, March 2007, .pdf format, 439p.).

Click on "Final Rule: Hospital Conditions of Participation: Requirements for Approval and Re-approval of Transplant Centers to Perform Organ Transplants" under "Downloads."


8. US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY LISTSERV: "The "Aging_Initiative" Listserver is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to raise awareness about the susceptibility of older persons to environmental hazards and to share information on strategies to reduce or prevent exposure. We use the listserver to send email to you, to let you know about important news and updated information. It's free, and we keep your email address private. You can unsubcribe at any time."


9. AUSTRALIAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND AGEING NEWS RELEASE: "Thousands of new aged-care places made available" (CP23/07, Mar. 26, 2007, HTML and .pdf format, 2p.).


10. STATISTICS NORWAY NEWS RELEASE: "Government Pension Fund -- Norway, balance sheet, 2nd half 2006: 109 billion in Government Pension Fund" (Mar. 22, 2007). The news release links to two relevant tables.


11. UK HOUSE OF COMMONS, WORK AND PENSIONS COMMITTEE REPORT: "Personal Accounts: Fifth Report," (March 2007, HTML and .pdf format, 2 parts (Part I 96p.; Part 2, 110p.).



A. Research Highlights in the Demography and Economics of Aging (Nos. 10, 11, March 2007, .pdf format, 8p. each).

No. 10--"The NIA (US National Institute on Aging) Demography Centers"

No. 11--"Cross-National Research on Aging"

B. "The Divergent Paths of Baby Boomers and Immigrants," by D'Vera Cohn (March 2007).



A. "State Housing Profiles: A Special Analysis of the Census Bureau's American Community Survey," by Andrew Kochera (March 2007, .pdf format, 232p.).

B. "The Behavioral Economics of Retirement Savings Behavior," by Richard H. Thaler, and Shlomo Benartzi (Research Report 2007-02, January 2007, .pdf format, 27p.).


14. KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION PRIMERS: "The Basics of Medicare and Medicaid" (March 2007, .pdf format, 19 and 29p. respectively).


15. ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION REPORT: "2007 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures," (March 2007, .pdf format, 28p.). The report is linked to from an Alzheimer's Association news release: "Alzheimer's Disease Prevalence Rates Rise to More than Five Million in the United States" (Mar. 20, 2007).

Link to full text is at the bottom of the news release.


16. INTERNATIONAL LONGEVITY CENTER USA PERIODICAL: ILC Policy Report (March 2007, .pdf format, 5p.).



A. "Rho mediates calcium-dependent activation of p38{alpha} and subsequent excitotoxic cell death," by Maria M. Semenova, Anu M. J. Maki-Hokkonen, Jiong Cao, Vladislav Komarovski1, K. Marjut Forsberg, Milla Koistinaho, Eleanor T. Coffey and Michael J. Courtney (Vol. 10, No. 4, April 2007, p. 436-443).

B. "The Drosophila DCO mutation suppresses age-related memory impairment without affecting lifespan," by Daisuke Yamazaki, Junjiro Horiuchi, Yasuko Nakagami, Shintaro Nagano, Takuya Tamura and Minoru Saitoe (Vol. 10, No. 4, April 2007, p. 478-484).


18. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL NEWS EXTRACT: "Report calls for urgent action on ageism in treating stroke patients," by Roger Dobson (Vol. 334, No. 7594, Mar. 24, 2007, p. 607).


19. US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT ARTICLE: "Germany: Novel Aides for the Aged," by Andrew Curry (Mar. 26, 2007).


III. Working Papers:

20. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA POPULATION AGING RESEARCH CENTER (PARC): "The Behavioral Economics of Altruism, Reciprocity, and Transfers within Families and Rural Communities: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa," by Li-wei Chao and Hans-Peter Kohler (WPS 07-01, March 2007, .pdf format, 24p.).


Transfers between strangers, neighbors, families, and spouses were examined using Triple Dictator Games (TDG, involving only givings) and Trust Games (TG, involving both givings and reciprocations) among 240 participants from 60 families in 20 villages in rural Malawi. In TDG, more was sent by those who were older, male, in better physical health, financially poorer, or frequent lenders of personal items, but less was sent to neighbors by participants with higher HIV felt stigma. In TG, higher transfers were associated with the expected amount of reciprocation, amount sent in TDG, and prior lending behavior; participants with high HIV stigmatization attitudes gave less, especially to their own families and spouses. Higher reciprocation in TG was associated with better mental health. Those with HIV stigmatization attitudes reciprocated differently, depending on whether their game-partner was the neighbor, family, or spouse. Social distance, physical and mental health, and HIV-stigma were predictors of transfers behavior.


21. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH: "Are You Sure You're Saving Enough for Retirement?" by Jonathan Skinner (w12981, March 2007, .pdf format, 35p.).


Many observers believe current aging baby boomers are woefully unprepared for retirement. Others raise the prospect that Americans are saving too much for retirement. This paper attempts to reconcile these contrasting views using a simple life cycle model and a more sophisticated retirement program, ESPlanner, with special reference to retirement prospects for economists. I find most households with post-graduate degrees fall short of the wealth needed to smooth spending through retirement. Of course, there are ways to economize during retirement: stepping up household production (cooking at home rather than eating out), selling one's house, or maintaining the modest individual consumption levels from when children still roamed the house. But ultimately, I argue these laudable strategies to reduce retirement expenses will be dwarfed by rapidly growing out-of-pocket medical expenses. The combination of eroding retiree health benefits and the risk of catastrophic future out-of-pocket health spending suggests that even conventional retirement planning recommendations could be too low.


22. URBAN INSTITUTE: "Social Security Spouse and Survivor Benefits for the Modern Family," by Melissa Favreault and C. Eugene Steuerle (Retirement Project Discussion Paper 07-01, March 2007, .pdf format, 29p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


23. NEW ZEALAND TREASURY/KAITOHUTOHU KAUPAPA RAWA: "Housing in the Household Portfolio and Implications for Retirement Saving: Some Initial Findings from SOFIE," by Grant M.Scobie, Trinh Le and John Gibson (WP 07/04, March 2007, .pdf format, 24p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

Link to full text is at at the bottom of the page.


24. INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF LABOR (IZA) [UNIVERSITY OF BONN, GERMANY]: "'Voluntary' and 'Involuntary' Early Retirement: An International Analysis," by David Dorn, Alfonso Sousa-Poza (Discussion Paper No. 2714,March 2007, .pdf format, 27p.).


Recent literature makes a distinction between 'voluntary' and 'involuntary' early retirement, where 'involuntary' early retirement results from employment constraints rather than from a preference for leisure relative to work. This paper analyzes 'voluntary' and 'involuntary' early retirement based on international microdata covering 19 industrialized countries. The results show that 'involuntary' early retirement is particularly widespread in Continental Europe. Countries facing economic recessions and having strict employment protection legislation have higher shares of 'involuntary' retirements among early retirees. Generous early retirement provisions of the social security system do not only make 'voluntary' early retirement more attractive for individuals, but also induce firms to push more employees into early retirement.


IV. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

25. American Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 165, No. 8, Apr. 15, 2007).

26. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (Vol. 15, No. 4, April 2007).

27. American Journal of Public Health (Vol. 97, No. 4, April 2007). Note: Full text of these journals are available in the ProQuest Research Library and the EBSCO Host Academic Search Elite Database. Check your library of availability of these databases and this issue.

28. Journal of Health Economics (Vol. 26, No. 2, March 2007).

29. Journals of Gerontology (A) Biological and Medical Sciences (Vols. 62, Nos. 3, March 2007). Note: Full text of these journals are available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library of availability of this database and these issues.

30. Public Health (Vol. 121, No. 4, April 2007).

31. Research in Nursing and Health (Vol. 30, No. 2, April 2007).


32. INGENTACONNECT: INGENTACONNECT provides fee based document delivery services for selected journals.

Journal of Aging and Social Policy (Vol. 19, No. 1, 2007).


33. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

D. Prostate Cancer: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

E. Stem Cell Research: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

F. Opthalmology Research: Literature for the week of Mar. 28, 2007:

AMEDEO Literature Guide:


V. Books:

34. ELSEVIER BOOK: Modelling our Future: Population Ageing, Social Security and Taxation (International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics, Volume 15) edited by Ann Harding and Anil Gupta (2007, 548p., ISBN: 978-0-7623-1343-3; 0-7623-1343-9). For more information, including ordering information see:


35. NATIONAL ACADEMIES PRESS MONOGRAPH: Cancer in Elderly People: Workshop Proceedings (National Cancer Policy Forum and Institute of Medicine, OpenBook and .pdf format, 98p.). Note: NAP requires free registration before providing the .pdf copy of this monograph. Pricing information for a print copy is available at the site.


VI. Funding Opportunities:

36. US NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: "International Research Collaboration -- Basic Biomedical (FIRCA-BB) (R03)" (PAR-07-335, Mar. 23, 2006, reissue of PAR-06-436, National Institute on Aging, in collaboration with several other agencies). For more information see:


VII. Conferences:

37. TILDA/ASPEN conference call for papers on "Active Ageing & Labour Market Trajectories," to be held in Dublin, Ireland Jun. 25, 2007. For more information, including deadlines for paper proposals, see:


38. US ADMINISTRATION ON AGING CONFERENCES. AOA'S Events Calendar has recently added several events. See under date and place for the following new listings:

Apr. 3-4, 2007--South Sioux City, Nebraska

Apr. 12, 2007--Dearborn, Michigan

Apr. 18, 2007--Omaha, Nebraska

Apr. 19-20, 2007--Lincolnshire, Illinois

Apr. 20-23, 2007--St. Louis, Missouri

Apr. 21, 2007--Detroit, Michigan

Apr. 30-May 3, 20070--Atlanta, Georgia

May 1, 2007--Florence, Silver Cliff, Salida, Leadville, Colorado

May 1-31, 2007--Canon City, Salida, Silver Cliff, Colorado

May 2, 2007--Canon City, Colorado

May 2-30--Leadville, Colorado

May 3, 2007--Indianapolis, Indiana

May 4, 2007--Salt Lake City, Utah

May 5, 2007--Martindale Beach, Michigan

May 6-9, 2007--Jacksonville, Florida

May 7, 2007--Dallas, Texas

May 7-8, 2007--Milwaukee, Wisconsin

May 7-8, 2007--Lansing, Michigan

May 7-28, 2007--Salida, Colorado

May 8, 2007--Edina, Minnesota

May 9, 2007--Winnebago, Nebraska

May 9, 2007--Brighton, Colorado

May 10, 2007--Midland, Texas

May 11, 2007--Pueblo, Colorado

May 11, 2007--Bloomington, Indiana

May 11, 2007--Richmond, Virginia

May 11, 2007--Bartlett, New Hampshire

May 11, 2007--Grand Forks, North Dakota

May 14, 2007--Salt Lake City, Utah

May 14, 2007--Providence, Rhode Island

May 14, 2007--West Hartford, Connecticut

May 15, 2007--Springfield, Missouri

May 16, 2007--Denver, Colorado (Col. Geront. Soc. Salute to Seniors)

May 16, 2007--Lansing, Michigan

May 16, 2007--Springfield, Illinois

May 17, 2007--Cheyenne, Wyoming

May 17, 2007--Victoria, Texas

May 17, 2007--Muncie, Indiana

May 17, 2007--Springfield, Illinois

May 17, 2007--Syracuse, New York

May 18, 2007--St. Ann, Missouri

May 18, 2007--Hollywood, Maryland

May 18, 2007--Hazard, Kentucky

May 22, 2007--Augusta, Maine

May 22, 2007--Springfield, Illinois

May 23, 2007--Columbus, Ohio

May 24, 2007--St. Louis, Missouri

May 30, 2007--Chicago, Illinois

May 30, 2007--Urbana, Illinois

May 30, 2007--Washington, DC

May 30-31, 2007--East Lansing, Michigan

Jun. 5, 2007--Detroit, Michigan

Jun. 15-17, 2007--Dearborn, Michigan

Jun. 29, 2007--Niobarara, Nebraska

Jul. 18-20, Lincolnshire, Illinois

Oct. 2, 2007--Kalamazoo, Michigan

Oct. 29-30, 2007--West Des Moines, Iowa

Dec. 12-14, 2007--Chicago, Illinois


VIII. Legislation Information Updates:

39. US HOUSE TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE HEARING PUBLICATION: "Operational Experience Under the 2001 Railroad Retirement Reform Law," a hearing held May 10, 2006 (Hearing No. 109-71, ASCII text and .pdf format, 68p.).

Search 109th Congress House Hearings for: "109-71" (WITH the quotes).


40. US HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE HEARING PUBLICATION: "Hearing on Alternatives to Strengthen Social Security," a hearing held May 12, 2005 (House Serial Publication 109-22, .pdf format, 177p.).



A. "Preserving "SeniorCare": Affordable Drug Coverage That Works for Wisconsin," a hearing held Mar. 28, 2007 (.pdf format). A webcast of the hearing is available at the site.

Hearing tesimony:

B. "Exploitation of Seniors: America's Ailing Guardianship System," a hearing held Sep. 7, 2007 (Senate Hearing 109-753, Serial Publication 109-30, ASCII text and .pdf format, 83p.).

Search 109th Congress Senate Hearings for "109-753" (WITH the quotes).

C. "A Generation at Risk: Breaking the Cycle of Senior Suicide," a hearing held Sep. 14, 2006 (Senate Hearing 109-779, Serial Publication 109-32, .pdf format, 77p.).

D. "Increasing Generic Drug Use: Savings for Seniors and Medicare," a hearing held Sep. 21, 2006 (Senate Hearing 109-780, Serial Publication 109-33, ASCII text and .pdf format, 78p.).

Search 109th Congress Senate Hearings for "109-780" (WITH the quotes).


IX. Websites of Interest:

42. PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE DOCUMENTARY: "The Boomer Century: 1946-2046," a two-hour documentary to begin airing March 28, 2007. The website provides links to materials that discussed in the documentary, and to listings.



43. PANEL STUDY OF INCOME DYNAMICS BIBLIOGRAPHY UPDATE: The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research PSID has recently added the following item to its bibliography. The entire bibliography can be searched or browsed in various ways at:

Holst, Roland. Social Security and Policy Risk: Evidence, Welfare Costs, and Effects on Wealth Accumulation. Illinois: University of Chicago; 2006.

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