Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #193--July 3, 2003


CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Data:

1. ICPSR: The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan has recently added the following data, which may be of use to researchers in aging. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health, 1996-2001, Baseline and Follow-Up Data (Study #3678).

2. MEPS: The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey has released the following data files:

A. MEPS HC-051I: Appendix to MEPS 2000 Event Files

B. MEPS HC-052: 2000 Medical Conditions File

C. MEPS HC-050: 2000 Full Year Consolidated Data File

All files are available in compressed ASCII or SAS Transport format, with documentation available in HTML and .pdf format. Questionnaires, and SAS and SPSS programming statements are also available.


II. Reports and articles:

3. BOSTON COLLEGE CENTER FOR RETIREMENT RESEARCH ISSUE IN BRIEF:"Suspending the Employer 401(k) Match," by Alicia H. Munnell and Annika Sunden (IB No. 12, June 2003, .pdf format, 7p.).

Introduction extract:

Charles Schwab & Co.'s decision in March 2003 to suspend its matching contribution to its 401(k) plan made headlines. But Schwab is not the only company to suspend the employer match. This Issue in Brief looks at the nature of the employer match in 401(k) plans, the role that the match plays in individual participation and contribution decisions, the extent to which firms are cutting back on their matching 401(k) contributions, and the implications of the cutbacks for individuals and the plans themselves.

4. CBO FISCAL POLICY BRIEF: "The Future Growth of Social Security: It's Not Just Society's Aging" (US Congressional Budget Office Long Range Fiscal Policy Brief No. 9, June 2003, .pdf and WordPerfect format, 3p.).

Click on either "PDF" or "WPD" at the top right corner of the page.

5. ILCUSA REPORT: "ILC Policy Report" (International Longevity Center, USA, June/July 2003, .pdf format, 6p.). The ILC Policy Report is "a monthly compilation of longevity news and trends in the U.S. and abroad."

6. CMS PERIODICAL: _The CMS Quarterly Provider Update: "A Source for National Medicare Provider Information_"," (US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, July 2003, .pdf format).

7. DHHS OIG REPORT: "HIPAA Readiness: Administrative Simplification for Medicare Part B Providers" (US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General OEI-09-02-00422, June 2003, .pdf format, 14p.).


The OIG issued a final report based on a survey of a stratified random sample of Medicare Part B providers. The survey determined if providers expect to comply with the electronic data transaction standards and code sets mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Ninety-four percent of the providers have a moderate to high level of satisfaction that they will be in compliance by October 2003. Approximately 95 percent of the providers are using or plan to use external vendors to implement the standards. Although 68 percent of the providers are purchasing new system components, only 27 percent have conducted any type of cost/benefit analysis for implementing the electronic standards. Forty-seven percent of the providers listed one or more barriers to compliance. The most common barriers are trading partners and vendors not being ready, carriers and third party payers not being compliant, and the cost of implementation. Overall, the Part B providers are making progress toward meeting the compliance target of October 16, 2003. Providers are concerned that external entities may not be fully compliant, and this would affect their ability to implement the transaction standards.

8. UK DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY CONSULTANT REPORT: "Equality and Diversity: Age Matters," (UK Department of Trade and Industry, Jul. 2, 2003, .pdf format, 71p.). Note: This report seeks recommendations "for the implementation of new anti-discrimination law under the European Employment Directive. It is the first consultation to focus exclusively on proposals for age legislation."


A. "New Commonwealth Funding for Extra Aged Care Nurses in Tasmania" (Jul. 1, 2003).

B. "890,000 Dollars to Train Aged Care Workers Across Victoria" (Jul. 1, 2003).

10. AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION REPORT: "Productivity Commission Submission to the Review of Pricing Arrangements in Residential Aged Care," (Australian Productivity Commission, June 2003, .pdf and .zip compressed rich text format (.rtf), 149p.).

11. _NATURE MEDICINE_ ARTICLE ABSTRACT: "RAGE mediates amyloid-[beta] peptide transport across the blood-brain barrier and accumulation in brain," by Rashid Deane, Shi Du Yan, Ram Kumar Submamaryan, Barbara LaRue, Suzana Jovanovic, Elizabeth Hogg, Deborah Welch, Lawrence Manness, Chang Lin, Jin Yu, Hong Zhu, Jorge Ghiso, Blas Frangione, Alan Stern, Ann Marie Schmidt, Don L. Armstrong, Bernd Arnold, Birgit Liliensiek, Peter Nawroth, Florence Hofman, Mark Kindy, David Stern, and Berislav Zlokovic (_Nature Medicine_, Vol. 9, No. 7, Jun. 15, 2003, p. 907-913).


A. "Clinical and Organizational Factors Associated With Feeding Tube Use Among Nursing Home Residents With Advanced Cognitive Impairment," by Susan L. Mitchell, Joan M. Teno, Jason Roy, Glen Kabumoto, and Vincent Mor (_Journal of the American Medical Association_, Vol. 290, No. 1, Jul. 2, 2003, p. 73-80).

B. "Metformin and Thiazolidinedione Use in Medicare Patients With Heart Failure," by Frederick A. Masoudi, Yongfei Wang, Silvio E. Inzucchi, John F. Setaro, Edward P. Havranek, JoAnne M. Foody, and Harlan M. Krumholz (_Journal of the American Medical Association_, Vol. 290, No. 1, Jul. 2, 2003, p. 81-85).

13. LANCET ARTICLE ABSTRACT, ARTICLE: Note: _Lancet_ requires free registration before providing content.

A. "End-of-life decision-making in six European countries: descriptive study," by Agnes van der Heide, Luc Deliens, Karin Faisst, Tore Nilstun, Michael Norup, Eugenio Paci, Gerrit van der Wal, and Paul J. van der Maas (_Lancet_, Vol. 361, No. 9376, Jun. 28, 2003).

B. "Possible link between Alzheimer's and dementia identified," by David Lawrence (_Lancet_ Medicine and Health Policy, Vol. 361, No. 9376, Jun. 28, 2003, HTML and .pdf format, p. 2213).



14. MEDSCAPE ARTICLES: Note: Medscape requires free registration before providing articles.

A. "Treatment of Heart Failure in Older Persons: Dilemmas With Coexisting Conditions: Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Arthritis," by Wilbert S. Aronow (_Congestive Heart Failure_, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2003, p. 142-147, via Medscape).

B. "Fracture Risks for Women in Long-Term Care: High Prevalence of Calcaneal Osteoporosis and Hypovitaminosis D," by Mary E. Elliott, Neil C. Binkley, Molly Carnes, David R. Zimmerman, Kim Petersen, Kathy Knapp, Jessica M. Behlke, Nancy Ahmann, and Mara A. Kieser (_Pharmacotherapy_, Vol. 23, No. 6, 2003, p. 702-710, via Medscape).

15. _FORBES_ ARTICLE: "Help Is on the Way: Hormone replacement therapy has received some serious blows, but older women still have plenty of promising options for managing menopause," by Rob Wherry (_Forbes_, Jul. 21, 2003).

16. _BUSINESS WEEK_ ARTICLE: "Can Russia Defuse Its Pension Time Bomb?" by Jason Bush (_Business Week_, Jul. 7, 2003).

17. _TIME_ ARTICLE: "What a Way to Go: Death-defying rites are making funerals more personal and--dare we say it?--more fun," by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen (_Time_, Vol. 162, No. 1, Jul. 7, 2003).,9171,1101030707-461871,00.html

18. _FORTUNE_ ARTICLE: "A Bitter Pill: Why a Medicare prescription-drug benefit isn't good for our health," by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum (_Fortune_, Jul. 7, 2003).,15114,460537,00.html

19. AARP PERIODICAL: Selected articles from the June 2003 issue of _AARP Bulletin_ have been made available at the AARP web site.

Note: This is a temporary address. When the next _AARP Bulletin_ is released, selected articles from this one, along with selected issues back to 1997, will be available via the "Previous _AARP Bulletin_ tables of contents" link.


III. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

20. American Journal of Public Health (Vol. 93, No. 7, July 2003). Note: Full electronic text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library and the EBSCO Host Academic Search Elite Database. Check your library for the availability of these databases and this issue.

21. INGENTA Tables of Contents: INGENTA provides fee based document delivery services for selected journals.

A. Point your browser to:

B. click on "browse by publication"
C. Click the "fax/ariel" radio button, type the Journal Name in the "by words in the title" search box and click "search".
D. View the table of contents for the issue noted.

Demography (Vol. 40, No. 2, 2003). Full electronic text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for the availability of these databases and this issue.

Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal (Vol. 31, No. 4, 2003). Full electronic text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for the availability of these databases and this issue.

Journal of Aging and Social Policy (Vol. 15, No. 1, 2003).

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (Vol. 51, No. 6, 2003).

Journal of Applied Gerontology (Vol. 22, No. 2, 2003). Note: Full electronic text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library and the EBSCO Host Academic Search Elite Database. Check your library for the availability of these databases and this issue.

Journal of Gerontological Social Work (Vol. 39, No. 3, 2002).

22. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of Jul. 1, 2003:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of Jul. 1, 2003:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of Jul. 1, 2003:

D. Prostate Cancer: Literature for the week of Jul. 1, 2003:

AMADEO Literature Guide:


IV. Books/Bibliographies:

23. HRS BIBLIOGRAPHY UPDATE: The Health and Retirement Survey at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research has recently updated its bibliography: The bibliography can be found at:

Recently added items:


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U.S. General Accounting Office, Washington, DC, GAO-03-337, 2003.


V. Funding/Employment Opportunities:

24. CRS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: The US Library of Congress Congressional Research Service has recently announced an employment opportunity that may be of interest to researchers in aging. "Specialist in Gerontology (Social Science Analyst)." For more information see:

25. NIH FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: "Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-Like Modifications Regulating Disease Processes" (US National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, in conjunction with several other agencies, Jul. 1, 2003, PA-03-145). For more information see:


VI. Conferences:

26. SPRY FOUNDATION: "Computer-Based Technology and Caregiving for Older Adults," a conference to be held in Oct. 2-3, 2003, in Bethesda Maryland. For more information, including registration information, see:

VII. Legislation Information Updates:

27. US HOUSE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION AND THE WORKFORCE HEARING PUBLICATION: "South Florida's Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs: Costs and Benefits of Alternative Solutions," a hearing held Mar. 10, 2003 (US House Serial Publication 108-9, ASCII text and .pdf format, 86p.).

Scroll to or "find in page" "108-9" (without the quotes).

28. US HOUSE COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT REFORM: "International Prescription Drug Parity: Are Americans Being Protected or Gouged?" a hearing held Apr. 3, 2003 (US House Serial Publication 108-12, ASCII text and .pdf format, 152p.).

Scroll to or "find in page "108-12" (without the quotes).

29. US HOUSE COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS: "Medicare Regulatory and Contracting Reform," a hearing held Feb. 13, 2003 (US House Serial Publication 108-4, ASCII text and .pdf format, 111p.).

Scroll to or "find in page" "108-4" (without the quotes).

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