Current Awareness in Aging Research (CAAR) Report #178--March 20, 2003


CAAR (Current Awareness in Aging Research) is a weekly email report produced by the Center for Demography of Health and Aging at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that helps researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


I. Data:

1. NCHS EARLY RELEASE DATA: The National Center for Health Statistics has released "Early Release Measures from the National Health Interview Survey". (January-September 2002 data, .pdf format, 64p.).


II. Reports and articles:

2. CMMS REPORT: "2003 Annual Report of the Boards of Trustees of the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust and Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Funds," (US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, March 2003, HTML and .pdf format, 152p.). Note: "The Boards of Trustees for Medicare report annually to the Congress on the financial operations and actuarial status of the program. Beginning in 2002, there is one combined report discussing both the Hospital Insurance program ("Part A" of Medicare) and the Supplementary Medical Insurance program ("Part B"). The Office of the Actuary in CMS prepares the report under the direction of the Boards. The Boards of Trustees issued their most recent report on March 17, 2003."



3. SSA OCA REPORT: "2003 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance Trust Funds," (Social Security Administration, Office of the Chief Actuary, March 17, 2003, HTML and .pdf format, 218p.).

Follow the link to "PDF".

4. NCHS REPORT: "Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2001," by Elizabeth Arias and Betty L. Smith (National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 51, No. 5, March 2003, .pdf format, 45p.). Note: "This report presents preliminary data on deaths for the year 2001 in the United States. U.S. data on deaths are shown by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. Death rates for 2001 are based on population estimates consistent with the April 1, 2000, census. Data on life expectancy, leading causes of death, infant mortality, and deaths resulting from September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are also presented. For comparison, this report also presents revised final death rates for 2000, based on populations consistent with the April 1, 2000, census."

To view the accompanying press release go to:

5. DOL OSHA SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS: "Guidelines for Nursing Homes: Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders," (U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, March 2003, .pdf and HTML format, 37p.).

From the Executive Summary:

"These guidelines provide recommendations for nursing home employers to help reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in their facilities. MSDs include conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, epicondylitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The recommendations in these guidelines are based on a review of existing practices and programs, State OSHA programs, as well as available scientific information, and reflect comments received from representatives of trade and professional associations, labor organizations, the medical community, individual firms, and other interested parties. OSHA thanks the many organizations and individuals involved for their thoughtful comments, suggestions, and assistance."



For more information about the guidelines (a fact sheet and a FAQ page) go to:

6. GAO REPORT: "Medicare Provider Enrollment: Opportunities to Enhance Program Integrity Efforts," (US General Accounting Office, GAO-03-185, March 2003, .pdf format, 23p.).

Note: This is a temporary address. GAO reports will always be available at:

7. PRB ARTICLE: "The Graying of Latin America," by Jorge A. Brea (Population Reference Bureau, March 2003).

8. MEPS STATISTICAL BRIEF: "Hospital Admission Rates 1987 and 1998" (MEPS Statistical Brief #09, 2003, HTML and .pdf format, 7p.).

9. _NEJM_ EARLY RELEASE ARTICLE ABSTRACT: Note: Because of the issues involved, _NEJM_ is publishing this article on line prior to appearing in print. The article will appear in the May 8, 2003 print issue of _NEJM_.

"Effects of Estrogen plus Progestin on Health-Related Quality of Life," by Jennifer Hays, et. al. (_New England Journal of Medicine_, March 17, 2003, .pdf and HTML format).

10. _LANCET_ ARTICLE, ARTICLE ABSTRACT, COMMENTARY: Note: _Lancet_ requires free registration before providing content.

A. "Dementia diagnosis in developing countries: a cross-cultural validation study," by Martin Prince, Daisy Acosta, Helen Chiu, Marcia Scazufca, and Mathew Varghese, for the 10/66 Dementia Research Group (_Lancet_, Vol. 361, No. 9361, March 15, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 909-917). Note: _Lancet_ is providing free access to the full-text of this article.



B. "Informed consent during the clinical emergency of acute myocardial infarction (HERO-2 consent substudy): a prospective observational study," by Barbara F. Williams, John K. French, and Harvey D. White, for the HERO-2 consent substudy investigators (_Lancet_, Vol. 361, No. 9361, March 15, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 918-922).

C. "Dementia comes of age in the developing world," by Raj N. Kalaria (_Lancet_, Vol. 361, No. 9361, March 15, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 888-889).




A. "Tobacco, coffee, and Parkinson's disease," by Christopher Martyn and Chris Gale (_British Medical Journal_, Vol. 326, No. 7389, March 15, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 561-562).

B. "Quality of care for elderly residents in nursing homes and elderly people living at home: controlled observational study," by Tom Fahey, Alan A. Montgomery, James Barnes, and Jo Protheroe (_British Medical Journal_, Vol. 326, No. 7389, March 15, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 580-584).


A. "Conditional tradeoffs between aging and organismal performance of Indy long-lived mutant flies," by James H. Marden, Blanka Rogina, Kristi L. Montooth, and Stephen L. Helfand (_Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences_, Vol. 100, No. 6, March 18, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 3369-3373).

B. "Neuroglobin protects the brain from experimental stroke in vivo," by Yunjuan Sun, Kunlin Jin, Alyson Peel, Xiao Ou Mao, Lin Xie, and David A. Greenberg (_Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences_, Vol. 100, No. 6, March 18, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 3497-3500).


A. "Prospective Study of Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Dementia in Older Adults," by Kenneth J. Mukamal, Lewis H. Kuller, Annette L. Fitzpatrick, W. T. Longstreth, Jr, Murray A. Mittleman, and David S. Siscovick (_Journal of the American Medical Association_, Vol. 289, No. 11, March 19, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 1405-1413).

B. "Screening Men for Prostate and Colorectal Cancer in the United States: Does Practice Reflect the Evidence?" by Brenda E. Sirovich, Lisa M. Schwartz, and Steven Woloshin (_Journal of the American Medical Association_, Vol. 289, No. 11, March 19, 2003, .pdf and HTML format, p. 1414-1420).

14. MEDSCAPE ARTICLE: Note: Medscape requires free registration before providing articles.

A. "Aging Per Se Does Not Influence Glucose Homeostasis," by Pascal Imbeault, Johannes B. Prins, Manuela Stolic, Anthony W. Russell, Trisha O'Moore-Sullivan, Jean-Pierre Desprs, Claude Bouchard, and Angelo Tremblay (_Diabetes Care_, Vol. 26, No. 2, 2003, p. 480-484, via Medscape).

B. "The Vidui," by Hank Slotkin (Medscape General Medicine, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2003).

15. TIME MAGAZINE: "Laughter and Forgetting," by Lev Grossman (Time, Vol. 161, No. 12, March 24, 2003). Note: This article is a review of three new memoirs that focus on Alzheimer's.,9171,1101030324-433254,00.html


III. Working Papers:

16. NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH: "Pension Reform and Economic Performance in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s," by Richard Disney, Carl Emmerson, and Sarah Smith (NBER Working Paper No. w9556, March 2003, .pdf format, 49p.).


The late 1980s saw a major shift in pension provision in the United Kingdom, when for the first time individuals were permitted to opt out of part of the social security program into individual retirement saving accounts (Personal Pensions). At the same time, membership of company-provided pension plans (occupational schemes) was made voluntary. The paper explores the possible impact of these, and other related changes in social security in the 1980s and 1990s in the UK, on household saving rates, on current and future public finances, on retirement, and on the job mobility of individuals covered by company pension plans.

Click on "PDF" or submit your email address at the bottom of the abstract.


IV. Journal Tables of Contents (check your library for availability):

17. American Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 157, No. 6, March 15, 2003). Note: Full electronic text (HTML and .pdf format) may be available. Check your organization's library.

18. Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences (Vol. 58, No. 2, March 2003). Note: Full electronic text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for the availability of this database and these issues.

19. INGENTA Tables of Contents: INGENTA provides fee based document delivery services for selected journals.

A. Point your browser to:

B. click on "browse by publication"
C. Type the Journal Name in the "by words in the title" search box, click the "fax/ariel" radio button, and click "search".
D. View the table of contents for the issue noted.

International Psychogeriatrics (Vol. 14, No. SUPP/1, 2002).

Journal of Adult Development (Vol. 10, No. 2, 2003).

Journal of the American Geriatics Society (Vol. 51, No. 1, 2003).

Journal of Gerontological Social Work (Vol 38, No. 3, 2002).

20. AMEDEO MEDICAL LITERATURE: Note: "AMEDEO has been created to serve the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, other members of the health professions, and patients and their friends. They can easily access timely, relevant information within their respective fields... All AMEDEO services are free of charge. This policy was made possible thanks to generous unrestricted educational grants provided by AMGEN, Berlex, Eisai, Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Schering AG."

A. Osteoporosis: Literature for the week of March 18, 2003:

B. Alzheimer's Disease: Literature for the week of March 18, 2003:

C. Parkinson's Disease: Literature for the week of March 18, 2003:

AMADEO Literature Guide:


V. Funding Opportunities:

21. AOA: "Ombudsman Resource Center Competition," (US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging, AoA-03-01, March 12, 2003, .pdf and Word format).

From the Summary:

"The Administration on Aging announced in the Federal Register on March 12, 2003 that it will hold a competition for a cooperative agreement to support the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. The award is a cooperative agreement because AoA will be substantially involved in the project. The cooperative agreement will provide for training, technical assistance and support to State Agencies on Aging and to the directors of the Offices of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. The accompanying set of materials includes a description of the priority area and all the instructions necessary to prepare and submit a grant proposal to compete for these project awards."




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