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CDHA Training Seminar

CDHA's weekly seminar series is a training series at the University of Wisconsin campus. See a complete CDHA Training Seminar schedule.

Special Events

Recent Developments in Bayesian Model Averaging Applicable to Social Science Research, January 30
From Ecology to Epigenetics: Investigating the Long Term Effects of Nutritional and Microbial Environments in Infancy on The Regulation of Inflammation in Adulthood, February 12
Molecular Me: Exploring the Social Implications of the Genomics Revolution, Februrary 13
Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Research Day, March 23
Hispanic Identity Fades Across Generations as Immigrant Connections Fall Away, April 4
Day on Biology, Population and Policy, April 12
Of Men and Microbes: Social Determinants of the Microbiome, May 1
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CDHA Newsletter

CDHA Newsletter is published every other month.
October 2017 issue.


CDHA Requests for Pilot Proposals
(February 8, 2018)
The Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison announces a pilot grant competition for 2018-2019...(Read more)

PRB U.S. Policy Communication Training Program
(January 12, 2018)
The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is accepting applications for its 2018-2019 U.S. Policy Communication Training Program...(Read more)

DEVSEC 2018 call for Submission
(January 8, 2017)
DEVSEC: Conference on the Use of Secondary and Open Source Data in Developmental Science will be held in Phoenix, Azirona October 4-6...(Read more)

A Revised NIH Definition of A Clinical Trial Case Studies
(January 8, 2017)
NIH has revised existing case studies and added a few new ones to help clarify how the definition of clinical trial...(Read more)

Other Seminars

CDE DemSem

Department of Population Health Sciences Monday Seminars

Global Health Institute

Institute on Aging