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The CDE Working Paper Series

The Center's Working Paper Series was initiated in 1971 to facilitate communication between Center researchers and other social scientists and also to publicize the broad scope of Center research activities. Working Papers are typically pre-publication manuscripts that are disseminated to stimulate comment or to make results quickly available.

The NSFH Working Paper Series

The NSFH Working Paper Series is a subset of the CDE Working Papers. Papers in the NSFH Series are produced using the data from the National Survey of Families and Households. This separate series of Working Papers, which carries the logos of the Center and of the NSFH, allows its users to see the work resulting from the NSFH as a set. It allows for the dissemination both of technical information about the survey and substantive reports based on NSFH data in a shorter time than can be expected from most journals.

Obtaining a Working Paper

Currently available CDE and NSFH working papers are listed on the two working paper series pages linked above. Papers that are not linked are not yet available from the author. In some cases, a working paper is later published in a journal which holds exclusive rights to the publication of the work. In these cases, the working paper link is disabled.

Distribution of CDE and NSFH working papers is now online only. Paper copies are no longer distributed via regular mail.