Predoctoral Plans of Study

This table presents representative predoctoral plans of study for Demography Trainees in CDE's three core departments.

Economics -
Minor in Social Demography

Population Health - Minor in Social Demography

Sociology/CES - Minor in Population Economics

Year 1 Year 1 Year 1
Fall Fall Fall
Econ 711: Microeconomic Theory PHS 794: Biological Basis of Population Health *Soc/Econ 663: Population & Society
Econ 712: Macroeconomic Theory PHS 795: Principles of Population Health Soc 674: Elementary Demographic Techniques
Econ 709: Econometrics *Stat 541: Intro to Biostatistics Soc 361: Statistics for Sociologists II
Spring Spring Spring
Econ 713: Microeconoimc Theory PHS 796: Intro to Health Services Research **Soc 756: Advanced Demographic Methods
Econ 714: Macroeconomic Theory PHS 798: Epidemiologic Methodology Soc 362: Statistics for Sociologists III
Econ 710: Econometrics PHS 800: Quantitative Methods in Population Health Soc 971: Migration & Migrants
Year 2 Year 2 Year 2
Fall Fall Fall
Econ 623: Population Economics Phs 900: Quantitative Methods in Pop Health Soc 773: Sociological Theory
Econ 750: Labor Economics Phs 797: Intro to Epidemiology *Soc 952: Event History Analysis
Econ 719: Panel Data *Soc/Econ 663: Population & Society *Econ 623: Population Economics
Spring Spring Spring
Econ 751: Labor Economics II **Soc 756: Advanced Demographic Methods Soc 750: Research Methods in Sociology
*Soc/Econ 663: Population & Society *Soc 952: Event History Analysis Soc 971: Fertility, Family, and Households
**Soc 756: Advanced Demographic Methods Medhist 728: Bioethics and Society Soc 952: Categorical Data Analysis
Complete second year paper   Complete master's thesis
Year 3 Year 3 Year 3
Fall Fall Fall
Econ 715: Econometrics Theory I PHS 876: Measuring Health Outcomes Soc 952: Causal Inference
Econ 848: Health Economics PHS 803: Monitoring Population Health Soc 971: Mortality and Aging
*Soc 952: Event History Analysis *Soc 971: Mortality & Health *Econ 709: Econometrics
Spring Spring Spring
*Soc 971 Fertility, Family, and Households PHS 802: Advanced Epidemiology *CS 748: Economic Organization of the Household
Econ 836: Applied Macroeconometric Analysis PHS 875: Assessment of Medical Technologies Soc 923: Social Stratification
Complete dissertation proposal   Complete preliminary exam in demography
Year 4/5 Year 4/5 Year 4/5
Dissertation credits Dissertation credits Dissertation credits
Complete dissertation Complete dissertation Complete second preliminary exam in demography
    Complete dissertation proposal
    Complete dissertation

*Interdisciplinary or crosslisted course

**Required for all trainees

All students are also enrolled in the Demography Seminar (Soc 997), Demography Training Proseminar (Soc. 995), and the Perspectives in Demography seminar.