Resources and Services

Resources for Affiliates

Center researchers and students have access to the resources of an internationally-acclaimed research university.

Funding Information and Acknowledgements

CDE receives funding via a Population Research Infrastructure grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (P2C HD047873). CDE's sister center CDHA receives Center Grant funding from the National Institute on Aging (P30 AG017266).

Public Access for Published Papers

If your paper benefited from the resources of CDE and/or CDHA, it must be submitted to NIH PubMed Central and linked to the grant(s), or the centers cannot claim any connection to your work. In general, any publication should be linked to the center(s) in PubMed Central if it benefited from the resources of the centers, including use of SSCC computing services, DISC library services, grants submission/management services, or the broader intellectual community within the centers (DemSem, student training program, etc.). Not all papers of CDE/CDHA affiliates will necessarily need to be linked to the center grants, but we appreciate your citing the grants if you do feel that the work benefited from center resources.

BuckySubmit is a UW campus resource that can help you submit your manuscript to PubMed Central quickly and easily.

Logos, Templates, and Tips

Provides access to useful resources you may need if you are writing a paper, creating a poster, or presenting your work, including

CDE Core Services


Social Science Research Services staff provide administrative support for grant preparation, submission and management.


A full range of computing services is provided through the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC). The SSCC combines powerful computing and statistical software resources with a professional staff. Services include a help desk, statistical computing consulting, PC repair, a training program, and a large collection of on-line publications on a variety of computing topics. Instructional computing support is also provided for the faculty, staff, and students in the Social Science division of the College of Letters and Science including a classroom, drop-in lab, and mobile lab with a rich variety of statistical software.

Data and Information Services

Data services are provided through the Data and Information Services Center (DISC). DISC services include reference, data acquisition, cataloging and classification of datasets, aid in acquiring restricted data sets, preservation of data, making public use data available via value added data extraction systems, data current awareness services, and campus outreach services to promote the use of social science data to the larger campus community. DISC maintains one of the world's finest research collections of machine-readable data files in demography. The collection is strongest in U.S. census data and large household surveys; fertility, vital statistics, life history, and social mobility surveys. Researchers also have web access to U.S. and international population data, microdata files, longitudinal studies, vital statistics, health, and macro-economic data.