Research at CDE

Members of the Center for Demography and Ecology are engaged in research in a broad array of population related issues. Research projects are ongoing in a variety of focus areas, including domestic and international longitudinal studies, as well as projects collecting comparative demographic data from multiple international cities. CDE's portfolio of international work includes research on Sweden, Russia, China, Japan, Central Asia, Indonesia, South Africa, Malawi, Latin America, and South America. Investigations into the health of aging Americans and links between epidemiology and demography are also strengths.

The broad spectrum of research at CDE is sorted into five research clusters, or signature themes:

Research Theme Working Groups

CDE members participate in Working Groups focused on each of the five signature themes. Working Groups are the primary mechanism by which we foster and nurture interdisciplinary population research. Working Groups meet regularly and build collaborative research contributing to each of our signature themes.


Learn more about the breadth and depth of CDE research by browsing the projects that are highlighted on this page. This is not a comprehensive list, but it illustrates the wide variety of domestic and international research ongoing at CDE.

Biodemographic Research

Biodemographic research conducted by CDE affiliates is available on this webpage. Publications are listed on the following research areas: genetics, inflammation, microbiome, physical functioning, stress, and cognition. There are also links to University of Wisconsin–Madison studies that have collected biodemographic data.


CDE is host to several significant data collection projects, and these projects make their data resources available to population researchers. Major data resources that are hosted by CDE are described and linked on this page.

Working Papers

CDE Working Papers allow researchers to release preliminary research prior to submitting it for peer review. CDE Working Papers are available on-line when the authors are ready for the paper to be released, and they may be cited in other work. New CDE working papers are released and updated frequently.

The NSFH working paper series was set up to be a clearinghouse for research papers which made use of NSFH data when it was newly released. New NSFH data is no longer being generated, and new NSFH papers are now uncommon, but previously released NSFH papers are still available.