Jenna Nobles

Jenna Nobles Classes:
Soc 170 Population ProblemsSoc 756 Advanced Demographic TechniquesSoc 971 Migration and Migrants
Associate Professor of Sociology
Associate Director for Training, CDE
4456 Sewell Social Sciences
(608) 262-4024
Fax: (608) 262-8400

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Nobles, Jenna and Christopher McKelvey. forthcoming. "Gender, Power, and Emigration from Mexico." Demography.

Nobles, Jenna, Elizabeth Frankenberg, and Duncan Thomas. forthcoming. "The Effects of Mortality on Fertility: Population Dynamics after a Natural Disaster." Demography.

Nobles, Jenna, Luis Rubalcava, and Graciela Teruel. forthcoming. "After Spouses Depart: Wellbeing Among Nonmigrant Mothers in Mexico." Social Science & Medicine.

Hamoudi, Amar and Jenna Nobles. 2014. "Do Daughters Really Cause Divorce? Stress, Pregnancy, and Family Composition." Demography 51: 1423-1449.

Nobles, Jenna. 2013. "Migration and Father Absence: Shifting Family Structure in Mexico." Demography 50(4): 1303-1314.

Frankenberg, Elizabeth, Jenna Nobles, and Cecep Sumantri. 2012. "Community Destruction and Traumatic Stress in Post-Tsunami Indonesia." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 53(4): 500-516.

Nobles, Jenna. 2011. "Parenting from Abroad: Migration, Nonresident Father Involvement, and Children’s Education in Mexico." Journal of Marriage and Family 73(4): 729-746.

Research Projects:

Fertility After a Large-Scale Disaster

CDE Research Theme Working Groups:

Health and Mortality
Fertility, Families and Households
Environmental and Spatial Demography