Soc 997 - Demography Seminar

Spring 2017 Schedule

Organizers: Jenna Nobles and John Mullahy
Room: 8417 Sewell Social Sciences (unless otherwise indicated)
Time: 12:15-1:30 pm (unless otherwise indicated)

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Tuesday, January 31
Jason Fletcher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status: New Evidence of Gene-Environment Interactions

Tuesday, February 7
Tod Hamilton (Princeton University)
Selective Migration and the Health of Black Immigrants in the United States

Tuesday, February 14
Fernando Riosmena (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Identifying Explanations of the Hispanic Health Paradox, Immigrant Adaptation, and Neighborhood Effects on Health

Tuesday, February 21
Kristen Olson (University of Nebraska)
The Effect of Question Characteristics, Respondents and Interviewers on Question Reading Time and Question Reading Behaviors in CATI Surveys

Tuesday, February 28
Hedy Lee (University of Washington)
#SayHerName: The Health Consequences of Mass Imprisonment for (Black) Women
Co-sponsored with Institute for Research on Poverty

Tuesday, March 7
Maria Glymour (University of California-San Francisco)
A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Why Epidemiologic Research on Dementia Tells Us More about Child Development than about Alzheimer's Disease

Tuesday, March 14
Dennis Feehan (University of California-Berkeley)
Using Sampled Social Network Data to Estimate Adult Death Rates

Tuesday, March 21
Spring Break - No Seminar

Tuesday, March 28
Amy Kind (UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health)
Harnessing a Geographic Approach to Inform Medicare Policy and Health Delivery for Disadvantaged Older Adults

Tuesday, April 4
Emilia Tjernstrom (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Natural Disasters, Social Protection, and Risk Perceptions

Tuesday, April 11,
Elizabeth Bruch (University of Michigan)
The Structure of Online Dating Markets

Tuesday, April 18
Bruce Meyer (University of Chicago)
Non-Response Bias in Income: Evidence from Tax Records

Tuesday, April 25
Mikko Myrskyla (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)
Age of the Parents and Health of the Children
Co-sponsored with The Center for German and European Studies

Tuesday, May 2
Elizabeth Thomson, Gunnar Andersson, Helen Eriksson, Martin Kolk (UW-Madison & Stockholm University)
Happenings in Demography at Stockholm University

Tuesday, May 9
Hiroshi Ishida (University of Tokyo)
Social Mobility in Post-war Japan: Cross-temporal and Cross-national Perspectives

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