CDE Working Papers

CDE's Working Paper Series was initiated in 1971 to facilitate communication between Center researchers and other social scientists and also to publicize the broad scope of Center research activities. Working Papers are typically pre-publication manuscripts that are disseminated to stimulate comment or to make results quickly available.

Current working papers are listed below, and papers from previous years are available via a link at the bottom of this page.

NSFH Working Papers

This site also hosts papers from the NSFH Working Paper series. Papers in this series were produced using data from the National Survey of Families and Households. The NSFH subset of CDE working papers allows its users to see the work resulting from NSFH as a set.

NSFH Working Papers

If you are a CDE affiliate and want to obtain a CDE working paper number, please contact Susan Vial.

CDE Working Papers 2016-2018

Franklin Wilson. Generational Changes in Racial Inequality in Occupational Attainment, 1950-2010: A Synthetic Cohort Analysis. Abstract
Alberto Palloni, Sebastian Daza, Elizabeth Arias, and Ezekiel J. Emanuel. Income Inequality, Social Mobility and Mortality in the U.S. Abstract
John DeLamater, and Rengin Aktar. The Role of Hormones in Sexual Expression in Later Life. Abstract
Michal Engelman and Heide Jackson. Gradual Change or Punctuated Equilibrium? Reconsidering Patterns of Health in Later-Life. Abstract
Nora Cate Schaeffer, Bo Hee Min, Thomas Purnell, Dana Garbarski, and Jennifer Dykema. Greeting and Response: Predicting Participation from the Call Opening Abstract
James Raymo, Isabel Pike, and Jersey Liang. A New Look at the Living Arrangements of Older Americans using Multistate Life Tables Abstract
Katherine Curtis, Kenneth M. Johnson, and David Egan-Robertson. The Impact of the Great Recession on Demographic Trends in Rural America
Katherine Curtis, Junho Lee, Heather A. O'Connell, and Jun Zhu. The Spatial Distribution of Poverty and the Long Reach of the Industrial Makeup of Places: New Evidence on Spatial and Temporal Regimes
Katherine Curtis, Jack DeWaard, Elizabeth Fussell, and Rachel A. Rosenfeld. Differential Recovery Migration: Minimal and Short-Lasting Population Gains for Rural Disaster-Affected Gulf Coast Counties
Mary Mc Eniry, Carmen Elisa Florez, Renata Pardo, Rafael Samper-Ternent, and Carlos Cano-Gutierrez. Examining the Multigenerational Effects of Obesity, Overweight and Stunting in a Latin American Middle Income Country: The Case of Colombia Abstract
Susan De Vos, Extended Family Living Among Elderly Women Aged 60+ in Brazil in 2010: Comparing Women Who Had or Did Not Have a Live Birth Abstract
Jason N. Houle and Fenaba Addo. Racial Disparities in Student Loan Debt and the Reproduction of The Fragile Black Middle Class Abstract
Mary McEniry, Rafael Samper-Ternent and Carlo Cano Guitierrez. Displacement due to Armed Conflict and Violence in Childhood and Older Adult Health: The Case of the Middle-income Country of Colombia Abstract
Nora Cate Schaeffer, Bo Hee Min, Dana Garbarski, and Jennifer Dykema. Interviewers' Actions and Participation: The Case of Disfluencies.
Jenna Nobles, Marcos A. Rangel, and Amar Hamoudi. Fertility Behavior is Reponsive to Zika Risk Abstract
Setsuya Fukuda, and James M. Raymo. "Gender Revolution", Globalization, and Educational Assortative Mating: New Evidence from Japan Abstract

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